Dumb Vampires 9 (fiction)


Dumb Vampires




Robert and Tom waited in the car. They sat there looking at the apartment building. It began to get dark. Time moved on…

“If we know they’re there, why don’t we just go in?” Tom asked feeling both impatient and nervous at the same time.

“You mean enter an apartment with three vampires? One of them ancient? I think it’s best we observe and wait to start with.” Robert answered.

A short time later two figures could be seen leaving the building. They walked in the direction of their car. For a short time they both held their breath, but the figures kept on walking. Robert’s eyes followed them as they went past. The two figures got into a car and then drove off.

“Was that two of them?” Tom asked.

“Yes.” Robert confirmed. “I do believe that was Freya and Sarah, if I’m not mistaken. That means there’s only one left in the apartment.” He opened the car door and got out. “Come on, let’s pay her a visit.” Tom nodded and opened the door on his side. They walked into the building and took the stairs. In a short time they were outside the door of Emma Hooper’s apartment. Robert softly knocked on it. They waited. The door was opened by a young pale woman with long brown wavy hair.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Hello there. I thought this was Emma Hooper’s address?” Robert replied.

“It is, but she’s out.” the young woman answered, slightly unconvincingly.

“That’s just too bad. I’m her uncle and I was in town and was hoping to see her.”

“Yes it is.” She looked at Tom. “Who’s this? Your boyfriend?” Without missing a beat Robert suddenly grabbed hold of Tom’s hand. Tom’s face went red.

“Why yes it is.” Robert confirmed. The woman laughed.

“Emma had a gay uncle! That’s just too much!” She said while laughing out loud.

“Sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Robert Hooper, and this is Tom. Who are you?” Robert asked, choosing to ignore her obvious error.

“I’m Britney!” she answered.

“Well Britney, would I be able to come in and write a note for my niece, since I’ve missed her?” Robert inquired. Britney looked him and Tom up and down and then shrugged her shoulders.

“Sure.” Britney replied and opened the door wider to let them in. They both walked in. As Robert walked past her, he suddenly pulled out a wooden stake, and with one quick movement stabbed Britney squarely in the heart. Britney looked surprised and fell to the floor. Robert turned to Tom.

“Go to the car and open the boot. There you’ll find an axe. Bring it back up here, but conceal it as best you can. And be quick, we don’t know when the others will return!” He ordered. Tom nodded and left the apartment. Robert pushed the stake deeper into Britney’s heart, until it could go no further. He then got up and took a look around. The living room was full of dead bodies. “The detective is just going to love this!”  Robert didn’t have to wait long for Tom to return. Tom handed the axe to Robert as soon as he walked through the door.

“What now?” Tom asked.

“This is how you kill a vampire.” Robert instructed. He stood over Britney’s limp body with the axe in his hand. He swung it down and chopped Britney’s head off like he was splitting a log. Tom watched as Britney’s body slowly turned to dust.

The door opened. There stood a young woman with long blonde hair. She smiled malevolently at them.

“Freyja Halvorsen, I presume?” Robert asked with the axe still in his hand. She continued smiling at him.

“It’s always so good to hear the old names. You must be the hunters?” Freya asked as she revealed her fangs.


to be continued…


Joanne Fisher


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I only wrote half of what I was intending to. Telling a story always takes longer than you would expect.



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©2020 Joanne Fisher


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