Dumb Vampires 10 (fiction)




Dumb Vampires


Robert and Tom froze as Freya entered the room. She looked at the dust on the floor near Robert and then stared at him with the axe in his hands.

“Before we try to destroy each other, I suggest that maybe we should parley first?” Robert suggested as he lowered the axe. Freya stood by the door and regarded him.

“What do you wish to discuss?” she asked.

“First of all I would like to say it’s a great honour meeting you. I have been following your blood thirsty massacres for some time now, and it’s good to finally meet you in person.” Robert replied.

“Thank you. Can I say it’s good to finally meet you also Alejandro Cortez. Your reputation precedes you.”

“Why thank you.” Robert answered.

“Alejandro Cortez?” Tom repeated. Robert turned to him.

“I have many names.” Robert informed him. He then turned to face Freya again. “I have an offer: either I kill you and then Sarah, or you surrender.” Freya laughed.

“You want me to surrender?”

“Yes I would take you back to our headquarters. There you will be observed, and fed regularly.” Robert offered.

“What you really mean is that I will be stuck in one of your underground vaults, fed blood occasionally and incessantly watched by your cohorts. No thanks. From what I’ve heard the blood isn’t even very fresh.” Freya replied.

“You like your blood fresh?” Robert asked.

“The fresher the better. Straight out of a neck preferably.”

“My brief is to stop you killing people. So either you surrender and come back with us, or I will be forced to destroy you.” Robert stated.

“I have a counter offer: you and your boyfriend stop chasing me and Sarah, or I will eat you both.” Freya demanded, showing her fangs to them both.

“For the last time I’m not his boyfriend! I am not gay!” Tom shouted.

“Shut up pretty boy! The adults are talking.” Freya shot back. She faced Robert again. “I think I touched a nerve there.” Robert suddenly laughed.

“I get it now. It’s been puzzling me why you haven’t abandoned Sarah, like you have with all the others before her. In the past when the going got tough you would always abandon the ones you turned, but not her. What’s changed? You’re in love with her, that’s why you can’t let her go. And we’ve probably done you a favour by getting rid of your competition.” Robert suggested. Freya rolled her eyes at his words.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Freya replied shaking her head. “But yes, Britney was annoying, so I should thank you for destroying her.”

“So we’re at an impasse.” Robert stated. “Please consider coming back with us. I don’t much like following the trail of dead bodies you have a habit of leaving.”

“And what about Sarah?” Freya suddenly asked.

“She is of no interest to us. She will have to be destroyed too.” Robert answered bluntly. Freya sighed.

“Then we don’t have a deal.” She declared. “This is bullshit!” Catching them both off guard she suddenly ran out the door and jumped through the corridor window. At the sound of breaking glass Robert and Tom ran after her and stopped at remains of the window.

“That’s a long way down!” Tom remarked.

“She’s a vampire. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.” Robert replied. He pulled out his phone as he ran to the stairs. “Detective Walker? I’ve found the suspect, but she’s escaped. I’m attempting to follow her. I’ve found more bodies at Emma Hooper’s residence. Detective Hughes knows the address.”

As they got down the stairs and out of the building, a car suddenly raced past them. They got to their car and attempted to follow.

“Where do you think they will head now?” Tom asked.

“Out of the city.” Robert replied as they drove into the darkness.

To be continued…

Joanne Fisher

Honestly I’ve really struggled with the new block editor tonight… It’s making me wonder if it’s really worth bothering with.

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