Traversing the Desert (flash fiction)

Traversing the Desert

All I could see was miles of sand around me. In the distance was a rocky outcrop which my Fremen guide was taking me to. We both walked without rhythm, as it would help not attract the unwanted attention of any of the terrifying sandworms. I found that difficult, and I was afraid I would suddenly feel deep vibrations from under the ground, the tell-tale sign of a worm approaching. Thankfully, there was nothing like that so far.

The heat was unbearable, and even with the Fremen stillsuits on, I found it tough going. My guide seeing the condition I was in decided that we should take a short break. We sat quietly in the shadow of a sand dune.

“You look terrified.” My guide said as he appraised me with his bright blue eyes.

“I guess I’m scared of a worm appearing.” I told him truthfully.

“If you think the worms on Arakkis are huge,” He said grinning, “you should see the blackbirds!”

Joanne Fisher

Okay it’s an old joke… It’s past 3am here and I haven’t written anything all day.

I have to admit I really love the David Lynch version of Dune, though I know a lot of people don’t like it. I’m wondering if the new film version, now coming out next year, will be any good.

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4 thoughts on “Traversing the Desert (flash fiction)

  1. Though I’m a sci-fi person, I’m not a fan of Dune. I found Paul to be too much of a Mary Sue type character; a Mentat as well as the “male Benen Gesserit (sp)” who is more powerful and important than any female Benen Gesserit? I just didn’t buy it. Not to mention the excruciating sexism in much of Frank Herbert’s works.

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    1. I’ve never had read the books… I like the film though (I hate that when people say that about Lord of the Rings lol). Doesn’t surprise me that’s there’s rampant sexism in it though, it was a common feature of a lot of science fiction of the period. It’s why I’ve stuck to mostly reading female science fiction writers…

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      1. I like old sci fi a lot of time (pretty fond of Asimov, Clarke’s a little off his rocker but readable), but some of it’s just straight horrid. “Dune” is one of those I can’t stand.

        It’s been a while since I’ve read LotR, but I remember liking both the books and the movies for different reasons. My philosophy with books that have film versions is that the media are inherently different and I should treat them as separate creations not to be judged too much by the parallel in a separate media. LotR was always going to make a good movie one day, though I still believe it may have made a better TV series.

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