Things I Don’t Understand

Since my previous post The Hunt Begins has utterly failed I thought, after three years of blogging, I would take this time to ask a couple of questions I still have.


How come some people can do posts that appear on my feed multiple times over several days? Do you have to upgrade your membership to do this?


I have 860+followers, so how come my posts only average around 40-60 views?


How come you can’t properly block people here? I tried blocking someone a couple of years ago and I found, though I couldn’t see their posts anymore, they could still see mine and still comment on my posts, which wasn’t what I was aiming for…


Why bring in this clumsy and annoying new Block Editor? The previous editor had nothing wrong with it and was fairly user friendly. I’m still having difficulty with new one and can’t seem to do line spacing like I used to. If I put a poem up, it merges all the stanzas together and I have tried to fix that, but to no avail. Why fix something that isn’t broken WordPress?


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16 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand

  1. The multiple post thing is quite easy (and I perceive it as very annoying and a reason to unfollow so you might wanna not-do it) but it just involves you updating the publish time of the post when editing it. The feed is chronological so it shows post according to the publish timestamp, which can be edited.

    As for the followers/views discrepancy: amount of followers says little to nothing. You need a crowd that’s engaged with your content for them to show up again and again (except for the one time needed to hit that follow button). If you just gather people who follow you because you followed them…they’re not going to actually read 😅😵

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  2. Hi Joanne, I absolutely agree with you on the new WordPress Block Editor, as you said the previous editor was perfect and easy to use. Classic editor is still technically there, but the fact you need to click on the little plus sign to use it every time you start a new paragraph is a little bit of a pain to be honest.

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    1. Go into Admin. Click Posts. At top of screen: New Post… option to use Block of Classic. Click classic. It’s easy.
      When editing, you’re given the option. Always click on Classic.
      I find it easy enough to access/ But you MUST be in your Admin screen before you start

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      1. I am rather new and lost, I have a question regarding WordPress, can I make a page off line and only save it when I am happy with it. Thank you, if I am in the wrong place redirect me as I could not find a WordPress forum. Thanks

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      2. You can save it. And change it. And change it. And change it.Until you hit the publish button, you’re safe. Though I’m not sureyou can do it offline.
        If I have a long post to write, I do it in Word, then copy&past it

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    1. i have lots of follows from people wanting to extant their reach for sales purposes. I ignore them. The longer you’re on WP the more followers you’ll get. THESE ARE NOT ACTIVE FOLLOWERS.
      Active followers are the ones you interact with

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  3. Slow getting back to replying to anything with all the neighbor drama going on.

    Yep, you definitely can repost a post. There are also at least a few people that seem to reblog everything the other does. Also annoying.

    Followers… I’ve made the same gripe in my blog multiple times. I cracked 600 followers myself and maybe only 25 are real followers. 10 of whom I can count on to comment or like consistently. The rest either quit blogging because it required work or are just plain users.

    I’ve worked myself to death trying to keep up with as many blogs as I can, trying to support people. What it’s primarily got me is too burned out to write and an email “deleted” (after read) folder ONLY for my blog that averages 5500 emails a month. I’ve gotten VERY selective recently.

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  4. I have 900+ followers and get ~20 views/post, so I’m like whatever about that. I think like 90% of followers are just out to sell you penis pills. Half of the rest are new people who won’t keep it up and what remains are probably your friends.

    People whose posts appear multiple times kind of annoy me so I try my best to ignore them. If pay-to-win is how this works, I’ll probably never “win” because my plan is to only get a paid subscription if I make enough writing money to do so – but I’ve already burned my writing money on a giveaway *of my own anthos* that only 3 people commented on. So probably going to be a hard nope.

    Hope I’m not the person you blocked, but if I am, just let me know and I’ll stop.

    WordPress’s new editor is terrible and I wish I could do something to change it.

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    1. I do have plans to upgrade my account one day, but again it’s based on me having enough money one day so probably never…

      Yes I have a certain number of followers too who want to sell me things I don’t need…

      It wasn’t you. This was a couple of years ago. No I wouldn’t try to block you. Though I should admit I have been avoiding your posts. The last American Chimera I read really triggered me and I felt like crap for several days. I do plan to read the ones that come after it, but I just need to feel a bit better and able to deal with it first.

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      1. That’s fine. I don’t think anyone should read something they’re not up to. The chapter was intended to jar (because it jarred the interrogator, even if she didn’t say as much), but perhaps it should have come with a warning.

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