All Dressed Up (Day 7, poem)


All Dressed Up

All dressed up and nowhere to go

in his finest suit under the ground

lifeless from his head down to his toe

maybe it’s time to come back around

all it takes is some reanimation

and from the grave he will again rise

due to some malignant machination

but to bring the dead back isn’t wise

out of his grave he will dig upwards then

in the night’s long dark he will feast

preying on the living only stops when

someone lops off the head of this beast

Joanne Fisher

Not my best effort, but at least I’ve kept the Halloween theme…  🤪

This was written with the prompt Day 7 – All Dressed Up provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.


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©2020 Joanne Fisher

6 thoughts on “All Dressed Up (Day 7, poem)

  1. Actually, I’m fairly sure Joanne was writing about a zombie. 🙂

    As for vampires, the myths vary widely, but the most common Western ‘theory’ is that they only stay inanimate while staked, (sorry Buffy). To permanently kill them, you have to next behead them, and fill their mouth with garlic, holy wafers, holy water, or some similar bane depending upon the legend, THEN burn their body and head on separate funeral pyres.

    A few sources don’t even believe sunlight is a perma-death if somebody gathers the ashes up and puts them back in the vampire’s coffin.

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