Truth or Dare? (Day 10, flash fiction)



Truth or Dare?


The two of them sat in the dark room.

“Truth or dare?” one of them suddenly said.


“Okay, go next door and feed on the next door neighbour without charming them.”

“But they’ll scream and be heard.”

“That’s the point.” The other raised their eyebrows.

“Okay.” they said and quickly left. A short time later screaming could be heard. They came back with blood streaming from their mouth. “My turn now. Truth or dare?”


“Make a video of yourself saying you’re a vampire, showing your fangs at the end, and then post it on YouTube.”

“Fine.” They took out their phone. “I’m a vampire!’ they said and then bared their fangs. They then tapped on their phone screen a few times. “Done! My turn. Truth or dare?”


“Run around the block screaming out “I am a vampire!” as many times as you can.”

“Right!” They got up and left the house. Repeated shouting of “I am a vampire!” could be heard, at first growing fainter, and then getting louder again. They came back into the room and sat down again. “Truth or dare?” they asked.

“Truth!” the other replied.

“Why do you hang out with me doing this so often?” they asked, still taken aback they had chosen truth.

“Because I like spending time with you.” the other replied.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt Day 10 – Truth or Dare provided by Sammi Cox’s 13 Days of Samhain.




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©2020 Joanne Fisher



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