The Big Reveal, part three (fiction)


The Big Reveal


“Bigfoot?!” Bob blurted out in surprise.

“I prefer Sasquatch, you know.” The figure said looking irritated. He stood up revealing he was at least nine feet tall.

“You run our cleaning service?” Carly asked incredulously.

“Just because I’m covered in hair from head to foot and I have lived in a forest, it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to operate a business.” Bigfoot replied. “Is that my coffee you’re holding?”

“Um yes.” Carly said. She approached the desk reluctantly and put the coffee down on the desk top.

“Please sit down, both of you. And don’t worry, I won’t bite!” Bigfoot told them as he sat down again. Bob and Carly edged forward and slowly sat on the chairs by the desk.

“Why run a business like this?” Bob asked.

“Who better to run a shadowy business than someone who’s made a career out of not being seen who employs people that are ignored to get rid of bodies that shouldn’t be there? I noticed you humans have at tendency to harm each other, and I saw an incredible business opportunity. Cigar?” He opened a box and offered them cigars. Bob declined, but Carly took one. Bigfoot lit himself another cigar and drank his coffee.

“So where do all those weird robots come from?” Carly asked.

“Weird robots?”

“You know, the ones that clean out the vans.” Carly explained.

“My people are far more advanced than you realise.” Bigfoot revealed. Bob and Carly looked at each other in surprise. “We have kept an eye on your species since the dawn of time.”

“So what do you plan to do with us?” Bob asked.

“I’ve been giving that some consideration. While it’s nice to talk to some of my employees like you for a change, you really shouldn’t be here. I don’t like my cover being blown. I like it that most people  don’t think I exist, but one of you might blab about it in the future, or even let my existence slip by mistake. I can’t take that chance, so there are two options available to you both.”

“Okay.” Carly replied as her heart rate increased. Both her and Bob feared the worst. Bigfoot looked at them both.

“Either the two of you stay here in this facility for the rest of your lives, or we mind wipe you.”

“Mind wipe? What exactly does that entail?” Carly asked.

“We’ll make you forget everything you’ve seen here. You’ll remember finishing your shift last night, but not what happened afterwards. We’ll then return you to your homes. You’ll wake up with no memories of this.”

“In our homes? You have access to them?” Bob clarified. Bigfoot just looked at him blankly.

“Why yes. We have access to your homes, all your accounts, we know who your family members are, and who the people you see most often, where you hang out, what you eat for lunch. Everything.”

“I had no idea…” Carly stated.

“I like to know who is working for me. It’s a sensitive operation, I have to know how reliable you are and everything about you.”

“Major creep!” Carly blurted out, Bigfoot ignored her.

“Why don’t you just kill us?” Bob inquired. Bigfoot looked at him surprised.

“Do you want us to?”

“No, I just thought it would be easier to get rid of us that way.”

“Well yes, but I’ve looked at your records and you’re both good workers. I would hate to lose either of you. And we would have to find and train a couple of more cleaners, and that’s a lot of bother.” Bigfoot told him. He then sat back and looked at them both. “So what’s it going to be? Do you want to stay here, or be mind wiped?” He looked at them both expectantly.


The alarm went off.  Carly woke up and switched it off. She sat up in her bed. She didn’t remember coming home last night, but obviously must have. She remembered herself and Bob finishing their job and then it was all a blur. She had planned to go out and shoot some pool, but obviously she must have crashed when she got home. Though something on the edge of her memory was bothering her… Just then her phone rang.

“Hi.” She said

“Hey it’s Bob. I must have been so tired last night. I can’t remember anything after work. I must have crashed as soon as I got home.”

“Yeah same.”

“Weird huh?”

“Something’s bothering me, like I’ve forgotten something big, but I have no idea what.”

“That’s strange, I feel the same. Maybe the job is making us crazy.” Bob suggested.


“See you at tonight’s shift?”

“I’ll be there.” Carly replied.

“Okay. Later!”

Carly put her phone down. Maybe she had been more tired than she realised. She decided to lie back down and get more sleep. She just wanted to get that weird image of a tall humanoid covered in hair sitting at a desk and smoking a cigar out of her head. Talk about random!


Bigfoot sat back in his chair. How come those two accidentally lock themselves in the back of the van so many times? That was the third time this month alone. Maybe next time they would have to do something different…

The End.

Joanne Fisher

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Well that’s it for those two, but you never know maybe I might write about them again one day.

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©2020 Joanne Fisher

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