Darkness I (poem)


Darkness I

when i cut myself

for correction

the voice

in the gloom says:

how i like you

my deep shadow

my dark half

my twisted little

blackened angel

let’s revel in this

shadow together

now i’ve found

you here

blood of my


Joanne Fisher

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©2020 Joanne Fisher

3 thoughts on “Darkness I (poem)

  1. Understanding the darkness is knowing there is a light, so when we look into space we know there can be only one choice. That would be conscience. Many times people hurt themselves as they step into the light, and reflect on the darkness they have caused in their life and the lives of others. It is a growing like thorns on a rose bush it hurts and I share your pain. It is a time of refection from within the soul not the physical body. Once you step into the light… you can not deny the seeing the darkness; you become the light, and your blood is now the waters and the oceans of the earth!
    Good Morning to your awakening, and I welcome you to this side of the light. You are now the vessel of love, hope, faith, and the knowledge that lives in the forever. Now your pains are my pains as much as your joys.


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