Kaikoura Rave (haibun)

Kaikoura Rave

My friends are on acid, moving in worlds I cannot penetrate. On the beach I build a driftwood throne so like Canute I can command the waves as they foam ashore. Kaikoura is a place to see whales and dolphins, or stone formations. Tonight the otherworld permeates the warm air; primeval rhythms pulse from the trees as everyone dances an invocation…

a new sun


the sky

Joanne Fisher

This was originally published on my blog in April 2018 in a slightly different form.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

10 thoughts on “Kaikoura Rave (haibun)

      1. There have been some interesting studies about where the Maori would have got their protein from when they came here. It’s why there are many places on the coast with the word “kai” in them, because they ate a lot of seafood, aside from the nice plump birds that could only walk and hadn’t seen a predator in millions of years…

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