Aalen’s Saga: The Hunter due out early 2021

All going well I hope to have the e-book of Aalen’s Saga ready in January/February. I’m not sure what platforms it will be available on yet, but I’ll keep you posted on where it can be found. If this project is successful, then I have further ideas for e-books, so this could be the first of many.

Currently I have a friend who is an artist doing a cover and some interior artwork for the book.

If anyone is able to provide links with step by step instructions on how to make and publish an e-book that would be greatly appreciated šŸ™‚

Please donate! šŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Aalen’s Saga: The Hunter due out early 2021

  1. If you do decide to do Amazon, they have a pretty well-defined process you can get to on their site. However, Amazon is evil, so I understand not using them. If I were to self-pub, though, that’s the route I would end up taking because it’s well-known, reliable, and not a computer virus (just a morality virus, which people seem to be ok with). I really like the idea of Bookfunnel for publishing (mostly since it’s not Amazon), but they don’t make their money from eating at your sales – they make it by making you pay for their platform like renting a store. A reasonable method for a smaller company, but not really tenable unless you have some level of certainty regarding your sales.

    Kerri Davidson of @bagoflettuce on Twitter has a unique method of book sales. You could look at her stuff and see what she’s done, but similarly I think it’d require buying a website platform for the storefront. One problem is likely digital rights management, or DRM, if you do it yourself.

    If you’re giving it away free, you can make a PDF on WP, but don’t count on much. PDFs aren’t great for e-readers, and I can tell you from experience that the free account on WP won’t let you upload ebooks.

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      1. I don’t know what kind of money comes from any of this, to be honest. I haven’t tried because the dream is to publish traditionally, though that always seems farther away despite whatever progress I feel like I’ve made.

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