Example (poem)


The elf had preached open defiance

of the mean tyrant Man in Red

to rise up from their slavery of

making toys until they were dead

but Santa had got wind of

the elf’s rebellious words and deeds

so, as an example, crucified

him then and there, to snuff out seeds

of rebellion, by making others watch

him tie this elf to the lamppost

as a warning to never disobey

his words, or else they would be toast

instead, the other elves began

to talk among themselves and

plotting in secrecy planned

to kick Santa out of their land

Santa did not realise his cruel

reign of terror was coming to an end

from now on his days were numbered

with him gone, the elves would be on the mend

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 132

Don’t take this too seriously….

This is my second take on the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #110.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

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