Christmas at the Farm (fiction)

Christmas at the Farm

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas!” Jess was awoken by Cindy excitedly bouncing on their bed. She slowly opened her eyes and beheld Cindy’s beaming face right in front of hers.

“Merry Christmas love!” Jess got out just before Cindy kissed her.

“Merry Christmas!” Cindy replied before bouncing excitedly on the bed again.

“You’re still a kid at heart, aren’t ya?” Jess said as she sat up in the bed. “I guess we should put some coffee on.”

“Or, we could open our presents!” Cindy exclaimed. Jess shook her head.

“I guess we can do both.” she replied. Jess slowly got out of bed while Cindy bounced down the hall into the living room. She went to the kitchen and put the coffee pot on the stove and then sedately walked into the living room. Cindy was already by tree looking through the presents.

“So I guess we’re doing presents now.” Jess remarked. Cindy beamed a smile at her and handed her a small parcel. After unwrapping it, Jess found a box which had an embroidered silver bracelet inside.

“It’s beautiful!” Jess remarked. “Did you find this at a fairyland market too?” Cindy rolled her eyes.

“I found it in the town market.” she replied. “Anyway it’s Faerie not Fairyland.”

“Well it was a great find, wherever you found it.” Jess replied as she put the bracelet around her wrist. She then kneeled in front of the tree and dug out two presents for Cindy. In the smaller present was a necklace, while in the other was a red covered diary with thick creme coloured pages, along with a set of fine tipped pens.

“Nice.” Cindy said.

“Before you went off to the city you wanted to be a writer. Since you got back you haven’t said a word about that. I thought if you had any thoughts or ideas you could write them down in the diary. You have one of the most active imaginations I know of. Just because you help run the farm, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your other dreams. Maybe you could write about your life here on the farm and your experiences.” Jess told her. Cindy smiled and gave Jess a long hug.

Among the other presents from friends and Jess’s parents, there were chocolates and socks and sweaters and candy and cups and other gifts. There was also a squeeze-toy for Lucky and a catnip mouse for Rainbow. After they went through them, there were just two presents remaining. Two small gift wrapped boxes. They both stared at them quizzically.

“Have you seen those presents before?” Jess asked. Cindy shook her head. Jess picked one of them up. “This says: To Jessica, Merry Christmas, from Father Christmas.” Cindy picked up the other one.

“This one says: To Cynthia, Merry Christmas, from Father Christmas.” They both looked at each other oddly.

“They definitely weren’t there last night when I went to bed. Did someone deliver them this morning?” Jess asked. Cindy shook her head.

“No.” she replied. Jess looked puzzled.

“Then how did they get here then?” Jess asked. Cindy turned to look at the fireplace. She was sure she could see faint sooty boot-prints on the floor.

Joanne Fisher

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope 2021 is much better year for everyone.

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©️2020 Joanne Fisher

4 thoughts on “Christmas at the Farm (fiction)

  1. Aw, I love how you’ve included many of the threads from 99-word Jess and Cindy stories, giving us a full picture of this moment and all they’ve done together so far on their farm, such as giving homes to animals like Lucky and Rainbow. Ha! Sooty footprints! Merry Christmas! May you find some magic.

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