Sight Seeing (flash fiction)

Sight Seeing

It was the third day of Jess and Cindy’s holiday and they wandered through the town to see the “sights”. As it was a small coastal town, there wasn’t much to see. A local pointed to the lighthouse that stood out from the rest of the town, like the proverbial sore thumb. The local told them it was the town’s most notable structure and any tourists that came to the town always visited it.

“Well that’s not surprising, since there’s nothing else to see here.” Jess answered. The local looked offended and wandered off.

“Play nice with the locals Jess.” Cindy reminded her. Jess grunted.

“Sorry, the hike yesterday left me feeling tired.” Jess explained. Both the women looked up at the lighthouse. Cindy giggled. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing really. It just reminds of what we’ve got in our bedroom drawer at home.” Cindy replied. Jess started giggling with her.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 150

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #113.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher


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