That’s No Butterfly (flash fiction)

That’s No Butterfly

In the garden Katy saw the most beautiful butterfly fluttering by the roses. Out of nowhere a stone went flying past, only narrowly missing it. Katy turned to see her brother Scott was there about to throw another stone.

“Why are you throwing stones at the butterfly?” Katy demanded.

“That’s no butterfly!” Scott replied. Looking closer, Katy saw it was actually a fairy.

“It’s beautiful!” she said putting her hand out. The fairy landed, then unsheathed a sword and plunged it deep into her palm. “Ow! That fairy stabbed me!”

“Why do you think I’m throwing stones at it?”

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt of using both a butterfly and stones provided by the Carrot Ranch January 7 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

13 thoughts on “That’s No Butterfly (flash fiction)

  1. Joanne Fisher! A gentle morning read about gossamer translucent wings, or so I thought. I tucked my legs under my bum and snuggled my pup into submission on the old feather settee to read. As usual, I read the tale that grabs me first, I never read them in the order they are, on The Ranch’s post. There it waited to stab me, wake me proper. Stop me from my presuming, second guessing lazy read. I was looking to be startled, (a measure of good flash) and a nasty stabbing fairy at my nine in the morning read managed to make me gasp. Great work Joanne, and a superbly surprising finish.

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