Where Am I? (flash fiction)

Where Am I?

Helena was lost. It was only a small forest, and yet she had no idea where she was. At the top of a hill she looked around. All she could see was endless forest in every direction. She felt confused.

When darkness fell, she saw a single light and made for that. To her surprise she came to an inn. When she walked in, there were strange creatures looking at her inquisitively.

“You lost miss?” asked the innkeeper.


“Somehow you crossed a gate into Faerie. In the morning I’ll send someone with you to help get you home.”

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt to write a story that rephrases “‘the light at the end of a tunnel” provided by the Carrot Ranch January 21 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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Šī¸2021 Joanne Fisher


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