Contraband, part one (fiction)

Contraband, part one

“There’s nothing here mistress Brynla.” said E-5JF.

“I can see that.” Brynla replied to her droid. Their ship had just come out of hyperspace and all there was around them was just empty space. They weren’t even near a star system. “Are our coordinates correct?”

“We are exactly at the point of the coordinates you gave me.” the silver droid told her. Brynla wondered what had gone wrong.

“Maybe we’ll wait here for a little while, just in case something shows up.”

“Or we could go back to Tatooine.” Ennik, the First Mate, suggested.

“Have you considered it could be a trap mistress?” E-5JF suggested.

“Juslak gave me the coordinates. I doubt she’s wanting to get rid of me. My ship is too useful for her.” Brynla replied.

“Is not like you to trust someone else.” Ennik stated. Brynla shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m too much of an enigma for her.” Brynla told him.

“What do you mean?” asked Ennik, but the question was left hanging in the air as a large freighter suddenly came out of hyperspace right in front of them.

“Mistress, a freighter has just come out of hyperspace.” E-5JF told her.

“Yes I can see it!” Brynla shot back.

“Please identify yourself.” said a voice over the intercom.

“This is Captain Brynla of The Star Wolf.” Brynla replied. The three of them waited for a response.

“Okay Captain Brynla, please dock with our ship.” the voice told them.

“Okay here goes.” Brynla responded. She flew the ship slowly towards the freighter and docked with it.

“Why does the Rebel Alliance have to be so clandestine?” Ennik asked. Brynla looked at him as those his brains had just fallen out. She shook her head and ignored him.

“The Rebel Alliance need to do things secretly so the Galactic Empire doesn’t find them.” E-5JF explained.

“Oh.” said Ennik. Brynla wondered about Ennik sometimes. She stood up and left the cockpit.

“Shall we see what the Rebel Alliance wants us to do for them this time?” Brynla suggested. The other two followed her.

Once they were in the rebel ship they found themselves in a corridor. Standing there was Juslak with two rebel troopers. She smiled at Brynla.

“Good to see you made it.” Juslak told her.

“So what do you want me do this time? Break into another Imperial facility? Steal a Star Destroyer? Blow up Coruscant?” Brynla asked her.

“We need you to smuggle some supplies to a planet under Imperial blockade.”

“Is that all?” Brynla replied sarcastically.

“We’ll pay you 50,000 credits.” Juslak offered. Brynla raised her eyebrows. That was a lot of money for a job like,this.

“What’s the catch?” Brynla asked suspiciously.

“There’s no catch. It’s just urgent that we get the supplies there as soon as possible.” Juslak replied.

“Okay we’ll do it.” Juslak breathed out a sigh of relief at Brynla’s acceptance.

“Thanks, we really needed your help.” Juslak said. Brynla wondered why it was so important, Juslak had looked so relieved when she accepted.

“No problem. So what’s the plan?”

“We have some boxes that will be needed to be stored in your smuggling compartments. We will also fill your ship’s hold with foodstuffs. Your cover story is that you’re delivering food to one of the traders there.” Juslak told her.

“And it’s okay to deliver food there?”

“Yes the Imperial forces should let it through.”

“So what’s in the boxes I’m smuggling in there?” Brynla asked her.

“That’s secret.”

“Am I smuggling weapons for you?”

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you. Just please get them there.” Juslak told her. Brynla let it go. A short time later Rebel troopers filled her ship with produce and several boxes were stored away in the ship’s smuggling compartments.

“So where are we going?” Brynla asked.

“You’re going to the planet Karagen. Leave the foodstuffs with a guy named Asran. He’ll be waiting for you at the main spaceport. If he’s not there go to the nearest cantina and I’m sure you’ll find him there.” Juslak informed her.

“What about the contraband?”

“You take it to these coordinates and drop it off there.” Juslak handed her a data file. “And please don’t open the boxes. Just deliver them as soon as you can.”

“Okay.” Brynla replied.

Ennik, E-5JF, and Brynla went back to their ship. Once Brynla was at the controls, she separated her ship from the Rebel freighter. Shortly afterwards the freighter disappeared into hyperspace. Brynla stared into space. The fact they were being well paid for this assignment suggested it might be more dangerous than it seemed. She wondered what was in those boxes.

“Mistress Brynla, can I suggest we leave now? The Rebel Alliance said it was rather urgent.” E-5JF told her.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Brynla said as they went into hyperspace.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

Just thought it would be nice to continue the story of Brynla and company. It’s been nearly a year since I wrote a story about them.

Please donate! 🙂

©️2021 Joanne Fisher

5 thoughts on “Contraband, part one (fiction)

  1. It’s a jedi strike team that’s highly sought after by Vader and his Inquisitors. They’re in stasis to remain hidden until they’re delivered and can complete their mission on the planet! O_O

    Bad feeling… HMMM… Well, this IS also how X-Wing Alliance started out… Immediately followed by the arrival of a Star Destroyer and it’s TIE Fighters.

    Liked by 1 person

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