Rereading the Lord of the Rings

I was twelve years old when I first read The Lord of the Rings. Throughout most of my adolescence I reread it every year. I used to dream I was in Middle-earth walking through the dark paths of Mirkwood or staying in Rivendell and listening to songs and stories being told in the Hall of Fire.

In my adult life I’ve read it less frequently. I think the last time I read it was in 2014. For the moment I’m just reading a chapter before I go to sleep as I like taking my time and meandering through it. Middle-earth is always a good place to escape to when I’m feeling troubled or in need of a journey.

Though the films were shot in my country I’ve never really liked them that much: too many odd changes and condensing for my liking I guess. Also there have been decades of Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth inspired art, yet these days all the images seem to be ones based on the films. So much for imagination. To be honest I’ve never been a great fan of film adaptations.

Tolkien began writing The Lord of the Rings in 1938 when Allen and Unwin asked for a sequel to The Hobbit. As he wrote it, the story got longer and darker. He eventually finished it in the late 1940s. He first sent the manuscript to Collins, along with a version of The Silmarillion (as he felt the book couldn’t be understood without knowledge of the events of the First Age) in 1950, but it was rejected. In the end he gave The Lord of the Rings (without The Silmarillion) to Allen and Unwin, though he felt it wasn’t the sequel they had initially asked for. Many people refer to The Lord of the Rings as a trilogy, but it isn’t true technically. It was a single book that was split into three by the publishers due to a paper shortage at the time. It was eventually published during 1954-55.

At the moment the Fellowship has just set out from the safety of Rivendell and I am happily following them as they approach the Misty Mountains unaware of the troubles they will encounter. Once I finish this I’m planning to read The Silmarillion again.

Do you have any books you like to read regularly?

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12 thoughts on “Rereading the Lord of the Rings

  1. Sadly I’ve only read a little bit of Lord of the Rings. I loved the films as a child and the lore and everything has grown on me. My dream is to write a similar fantasy story in some shape or form. Tolkien is a legend of his own day. What a fantastic trilogy of books. And of course I dream to also live in a hobbit house!

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  2. The Lord of the Rings is such a good series to be transported to another place. I read the books when I was high school and had a difficult time reading some of the denser passages. So I’m impressed that you read the books when you were twelve! I rarely re-read books, as there are many interesting ones that I haven’t read yet. A couple of the rare re-reads were “They’re Eyes Were Watching God” (by Zora Neale Hurston) and “The Crying of Lot 49” (by Thomas Pynchon) because I wanted to revisit them. Some day, I’ll get around to re-reading “V” (also by Pynchon), as that novel blew the top of my head off — there were so many different things crammed into that book.

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    1. I love rereading books. Sometimes you notice things you missed or see things in a different light. Also I have rather bad anxiety issues and sometimes I need to read or watch things that I know how they end.

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      1. I hadn’t thought of rereading or rewatching with that purpose. I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety issues — and I hope the rereading and rewatching are helpful to you. I’m in treatment for depression & anxiety — and I’ve found the routine of taking walks has been helpful. I wish you a peaceful day.

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