Nana’s Photos (poem)

Nana's Photos

Sifting through archeological 
layers of photographs -
at first encountering younger versions 
of myself and siblings, going backwards 
until I find a picture of Nana and Grandad 
looking like Bonnie and Clyde

I never knew that side of her, I never
knew Grandad.
all I remember is him
sitting by the dining room table,
but was it real?
I learned of his death through
osmosis - one day I knew 
he was gone, though I was never told

But here they are together still
in their twenties, looking at the camera
with a future ahead of them
as we all do.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt about an old photograph provided by the Carrot Ranch July 1 Flash Fiction Challenge.

The prompt reminded me of the time my siblings and I went through our grandmother’s photos that were all in a large pile in a hall cupboard and we found that photograph. There were also ones of Nana dressed as a flapper. She looked as though she was quite stylish then, not the grandmother I had known.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher


14 thoughts on “Nana’s Photos (poem)

  1. It’s such a wonderful experience to discover the secret, exciting, younger lives of those we’ve loved and lost.

    Both heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time. How we cannot ask them more; how they felt, what they dreamed about.

    But how grateful we are they got to live.

    Beautiful piece Joanne.

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  2. It’s wonderful to gaze at younger versions of our loved ones. And more often than not, they seem completely different from their present selves or our latest memories of them. A beautiful take on the prompt, Joanne

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  3. It’s kinda like time travel … I did this a few months back when visiting my mom. We went through a photo album, and saw photos of her parents when they were in their twenties. My grandmother wasn’t a flapper, but she looked stylish — and my grandfather was sporting a cool fedora πŸ™‚

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