Meltdown? (flash fiction)


“So what’s the matter now?”

“Nothing really, it’s just a lot of people I care about seemed to totally ignore my birthday.”

“Maybe they were preoccupied with other matters? Perhaps they were really busy?”

“Yeah, but how hard is it to just wish someone a happy birthday?” I mean really?”

“They may have not known it was your birthday. Seriously, it’s not worth having a meltdown over.”

“I’m not having a meltdown! I’m just disappointed is all, and feeling sad.”

“Do you think maybe the problem is your own expectations, rather than anything they have failed to do?”


Joanne Fisher

This not autobiographical, no.

This was written with the prompt meltdown provided by the Carrot Rance July 15 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

13 thoughts on “Meltdown? (flash fiction)

  1. A little bit of internal monologue perhaps? πŸ™‚

    Some of us are simply so scatterbrained we can’t even remember what we ate yesterday, much less birthdays. πŸ˜€ That cake did look good though

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  2. I keep my birthday private on social media, and only tell those I wish to know. I’m an introvert, and was also raised to dread my birthday as another way to be blackmailed, “if you’re not the perfect kid, and don’t do everything I say, exactly how I say it – it doesn’t matter how you feel about it – I’ll cancel your birthday,” kind of thing. Not fun!

    But then to grow up and be forgotten by those who say they do care, and who try to show it too, it’s a hard battle with ourselves to keep our minds in a positive and forgiving realm. Discovering our little family’s challenges with ADHD this year has helped, we even forget the things WE love to do!

    Great dialogue exchange Joanne, I do hope this character finds joy in their birthday no matter what others do.

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