Home Again (flash fiction)

Home Again

This was my hometown. Now it was just nothing but piles of scabrous rocks weathering under a pitiless sun. There were once people here, and houses, even love and happiness, but then the Fire came and ended it all. Then there was chaos and confusion, and I took to wandering.

I wandered for many years, so many I had lost count how long I had been in the wasteland, but somehow I ended up back here. The place where it all began for me. Leaving the ruins behind, I wandered through the cemetery. The final grave bore my name.

Joanne Fisher

I’m not sure why a hometown prompt makes me immediately think of an apocalyptic story… Think of it as an apocalyptic ghost story I guess…

This was written with the prompt hometown provided by the Carrot Ranch July 22 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

14 thoughts on “Home Again (flash fiction)

  1. I’m intrigued that you were inspired by apocalyptic themes. I don’t have fond hometown memories either but decided to go less dark this time. You writing is vivid and I enjoy the final thought provoking and twisted open ending. Is this character a ghost? Or unable to continue wandering? Or perhaps thought of as lost among the ruins once upon a time ago…

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      1. As someone who also writes poetry I’ve encountered this often. I always enjoy hearing other interpretations. Sometimes a reader can see things the author hasn’t as the author tends to write with a certain intention and can often be blind to other things their subconscious has included which the reader can often see. I always find it fascinating what readers find in my work at times.

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      2. Poetry is a fantastic medium for interpretation, I can imagine getting a lot of unique feedback that way. And I agree one hundred percent, us writers approach our pieces with preconceived ideas and end goals, which come across in vastly different ways to our readers, and often not in the way we hoped. Such is the nature and beauty of language. I love how the same concepts can inspire different emotions and imagery for different people, it keeps the art malleable and ever changing, with limitless potential.

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