Dawn (flash fiction)


Natasha dreamed she was with Ellie. They were holding hands and walking down the sidewalk. It was sunny and they were heading for the beach. Then she was suddenly awoken. The dawn chorus had begun in the treetops above her. Already there was a cacophony.of birdsong building up. Since the end times they had gotten louder.

Natasha reluctantly got out of her sleeping bag and looked around, in case there was a roving band of survivors nearby. She didn’t want to end up being eaten, or worse. Thinking of Ellie, she quickly packed up her things and moved on.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt cacophony provided by the Carrot Ranch August 12 Flash Fiction Challenge.

I’ve been unwell the last couple of days which is why I’ve been a bit quieter.

This was sort of inspired by last years lockdown. With far less traffic noises, the dawn chorus sounded so much louder than it usually did. At the time I also wondered with less human activity maybe more birds were flocking to the city…

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher


10 thoughts on “Dawn (flash fiction)

  1. I feel the determination in her, she’s human, flawed, hoping and dreaming of more, of better times, but still gets up and gets moving despite how bad things get. Fantastic writing Joanne! Thrilling scene. The tension is strong and pulls the reader forward so well.

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