True Story (repost)

True Story

the first time
you meet her
you're caught
in the orbit
of a brilliant new sun

she is stuck in your thoughts
you hope you're in hers

every time you meet
you seem full of electricity,
always wanting to be there
reflecting her radiance...

then one day
she is gone &
you are lost

in the sub-light hours
waking from strange dreams
you imagine she is there
her arms wrapped around -
a layer to protect you from the world

but she is not there
she will never be there
her eyes now cold & distant
as a starless void

wishing she would text, call,
or something
your happiness falls

you will survive this, barely
you will cry, you will fall apart
& yet she will always be there

you wake up alone
hoping you can let her go.

Joanne Fisher

There was a gap of a few years when I mostly stopped writing. This poem is the one of the few I wrote during this period. I repost it now as I recently walked past the woman who I wrote it about and it was enough to bring back all those feelings. It took me the entirety of last weekend to get over it. If I had thought I was over her, I was very much mistaken.

I originally published this poem on this blog in June, 2018.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher


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