Flying Pigs (flash fiction)

Flying Pigs

“Don’t those pigs have wings?” I asked looking up at the pigs in the laboratory.

“This is our research into flying pigs. We crossed them with bats. Unfortunately vampire bats, so not only do they fly, but they’ll swoop down and drain your blood. Hence the protective safety glass.” My guide tapped the barrier.

“Just one question: why?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“We thought there might be a market for it.”

“Flying vampiric pigs?”

“Well maybe not vampiric…” He conceded. “We’ll iron out the problems in the next trial. Hopefully they won’t escape the lab this time.”

“This time?!”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

I think this could be the beginning of an interesting horror movie, but then again I want to see a movie about giant hyper-intelligent murderous keas that escape the research facility and run amok in the countryside (keas are rather intelligent native mountain parrots that have a penchant for disassembling cars. I kid you not.)

This was written with the prompt flight of pigs provided by the Carrot Ranch August 26 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

15 thoughts on “Flying Pigs (flash fiction)

  1. A fun story … you gave an imaginative take on the saying “when pigs fly” … not only when they fly, but when they suck your blood! I can see this idea being turned into a horror-comedy movie, maybe animated. Also, I hadn’t heard about keas. Talk about a bummer of a morning if you walk out of your house and discover that your car has been damaged by … parrots. Ugh.

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