Moving In With Grandma (flash fiction)

Moving In With Grandma

“I can’t believe your parents kicked you out of the house for being gay.” Melissa said as she carried Cindy’s bags. Cindy walked beside her also carrying several bags.

‘I can’t believe it myself.” Cindy replied. “At least I’ve got most of my stuff.”

“So where are you going to go now?”

“My grandma has insisted I move into the farmstead with her. She’s really furious Dad has chucked me out.” Cindy answered. Melissa suddenly stopped.

“Wait, are we walking all the way to your grandmother’s farm with these bags?” she asked Cindy.

“No, Jess is borrowing her dad’s pickup. She’ll meet us once we get to the main road.” Cindy explained.

“That’s cool. I wish I had a girlfriend like Jess.” Cindy smiled at her words.

“Hands off, she’s mine.” Cindy said.

When they got to the main road, there was Jess waiting for them. Both Cindy and Melissa loaded the bags into the back. Cindy and Jess hugged and then got into the pickup.

“Hey thanks for helping.” Jess said to Melissa.

“No problem.” Melissa replied. Then Jess and Cindy drove off in the pickup. Melissa waved at them as they left.

“You know you could stay at our farm with me. My parents wouldn’t mind.” Jess told Cindy.

“That would be awkward. Besides I thought it would be best to stay with family.” Cindy answered. Jess put her hand on Cindy’s.

“You are family.” Jess said as they drove to Cindy’s grandmother’s farm.

Joanne Fisher

This is another young Jess and Cindy story, though it takes place a few years later than the last one, and obviously things have happened…

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ยฉ๏ธ2021 Joanne Fisher


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