The Witch’s House (flash fiction)

The Witch’s House

The brother and sister were lost in the forest. They chanced upon an old tumbledown cottage. After they hurriedly knocked, the door creaked open to reveal an old woman standing there.

“Yes?” she asked.

“We’re lost and cold and hungry. Can you help us?” the girl asked.

“Come in my lovelies! I’ll soon get you warm.” She led the children to her kitchen where a large cauldron bubbled on the fire.

“Please don’t put us in the cauldron!” wailed the boy.

“Put you in the cauldron? What do you think I am? I was going to give you bowls of hot nourishing soup.” the old woman replied.

“But aren’t you a witch?” asked the girl.

“Yes I am a witch, but I’m not a psychopath!”

Joanne Fisher

Since my previous post has been largely ignored, maybe you’ll like this one better.

I originally wrote this for a prompt, but it was way too long.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

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