Carrying On (flash fiction)

Carrying On

I loved her more than she ever knew. She meant everything to me, but one day she stopped talking and then she was gone. I gave in to despair and darkness, then one night I found myself in a warm bath armed with a sharp knife working away on my wrists till the bathwater turned red. How I survived that night I have no idea, sometimes I wonder if I did.

I know a part of me still hoped that things could get better; that the only way to survive all this was to carry on and eventually heal.

Joanne Fisher

Not really fiction…

This was written with the prompt carry on provided by the Carrot Ranch November 11 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

16 thoughts on “Carrying On (flash fiction)

  1. For you, words I have posted at my desk:

    “You are braver than you believe,
    Stronger than you seem,
    And smarter than you think.”
    ~ A.A. Milne

    I’m grateful you are here to write all your stories, the ones you’ve survived, and the ones you imagine.. Big hugs to you, Joanne.

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  2. Yes, there comes a time in life when everything seems senseless. I am sure a lot many of us would relate to this feeling.
    But life isn’t about stopping..yes we can take a break..but got to come back as soon as we canπŸ™‚

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