The Pig Farm (flash fiction)

The Pig Farm

Never trust a man with a pig farm.” Nina remembered her father saying as she knocked. A large man opened the door. He wore coarse-looking clothes and smelt strongly of pig shit and sweat.

“You again!” the man said gruffly. She nodded while holding the back of her hand to her nose in an attempt to block out the smell. With her other hand she passed him an envelope. The man took it and briefly looked through it. “You need a hand little lady?” She gritted her teeth as she nodded again. She hated being called that.

“Sure.” she finally replied. He followed her to the car. She opened the boot, and the two of them lifted the body out. They then walked around the farmhouse carrying the body to where the man kept his pigs. Once the body was thrown into the pigsty, she walked back to her car.

“See you again soon I guess.” the man called out after her as she was leaving.

It was her job to make some people disappear. She didn’t know why they had to disappear, but she had learned not to question it. It was not a job she liked, but it paid well and she turned out to be rather good at it. Besides, if she ever refused it might be her own body being fed to the pigs next. Sometimes the pig farmer offered her some salted pork or even large slabs of bacon, but she always said no. She knew what those pigs ate.

Joanne Fisher

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6 thoughts on “The Pig Farm (flash fiction)

  1. Girl, I’m starting to wonder about you… LOL.

    How’d the intro to Castle go though? “There are two types of people who think about killing people all day, I’m the kind that pays better.” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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