Dead Again? (poem)

Dead Again?

No, not again
I buried you
in a shallow grave,
yet somehow you clawed 
through the earth 
and arose once more

Every time I kill you
you come back, so
now I have smashed 
your head open with 
a shovel, buried you 
yet again

Could you please stay dead
this time?

Joanne Fisher

Killing people is wrong by the way. Just thought I should mention that. Though if they do come back to life again, then they are zombies…

This was written with the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: January 11, 2022. The prompt was to begin with the line “No, not again”.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

3 thoughts on “Dead Again? (poem)

  1. Very dark, I have to agree killing people is not recommended. Before I read the disclaimer the poem took on a different meaning for me. I saw it as a memory we’d like to forget buried in our minds that keeps coming back, that just won’t die. As always, nice work!

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