Another Story (flash fiction)

Another Story

My name is Kerry. I was part of a survivalist group that live in a compound. The leader has told them that the cities are abandoned and the world has been taken over by mutants. He tells them this to control them all. In reality, all that is around them is farmland. I used to visit the farmers to liaise with them, noting their concerns about the situation. I always told everyone back in the compound I was just foraging to explain my absences. It would be nice to make them see reality, but they are all brainwashed and literally believe there are mutants everywhere out to get them all.

One day I decided it was time to leave. There was nothing I could do and I feared it could all end tragically. I left my hat hanging in some branches nearby to let them know I had gone.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 149

This was an afterthought of my previous post (what if it wasn’t real?) Don’t Stray

This was written with the photo provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #179

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