Nightfall (flash fiction)


Tania quickly drove her car over the bridge. It was beginning to get dark and she had to get home. They only came out once it was dark. She knew she had been foolish to drive home so late, but she had lost track of time in the city, and once she realised the sun was beginning to set, she began to panic. Even now her heart was still beating rapidly as she drove, her sweaty palms slid on the steering wheel.

Once she was over the bridge, it wasn’t far to her house. She went up the driveway and brought the car to a halt. She breathed a sigh of relief: she had made it home and was safe. Just as she was about to get out of the car, she felt some cold breath on her neck.

“Hello my lovely!” said a deep inhuman voice right behind her.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 150

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #181.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher


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