Daylight (poem)


some days are clearer

you wake up & 
jump off down
to the money machine
& find there is
enough to buy
a new packet of

& you go back
home & open the 
windows & the sun
glares into the room
& a breeze pushes itself
past the window frame & plays
with bits of loose paper
across the polished
wooden floor-boards

& you sit there smoking
listening to your
favourite R.E.M. album

how life could get
any better

Joanne Fisher

First published in the anthology Voiceprints 2

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher


3 thoughts on “Daylight (poem)

  1. “(I am, I, am,) I am Superman and I can do anything.” I can almost see the smoke trails swirling in the daylight and hear Stipe”s voice ring through the air. Excellent piece Joanne.

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