Battle Plan (micro fiction)

Battle Plan

“It’s no good. They always overwhelm us and kill our wizard.”

“We just have to try a different variation.” Chandra explained. “How about you elves hold the line against the zombies, with my help, and our dragons attack their wizard.”

“There’ll be air defences.”

“We can but try.” Chandra urged. The elf looked at the oncoming hoard of zombies. Why was she taking orders from a Planeswalker anyway?

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 67 + prompt

This was written with the prompt variation provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #269.

Yet another Magic the Gathering fiction. This was inspired by a guy I used to play whose deck always seemed to produce multiplying zombies, which usually overwhelmed my defences…

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher

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