Chasing Damnation (flash fiction)

Chasing Damnation

“There’s still no sign of The Damnation, Captain.” Stryker informed her. Anne stood on the bridge still fuming. She took out her spyglass and scanned the horizon around her. Damn him, she thought. This time she would ensure Harrington, Captain of The Damnation, would be dispatched to Davy Jones’s Locker, once she caught up with him.

“I’m pretty sure he’s headed this way. Hold this course and keep scanning the horizon.” she ordered the First Mate.

“Aye Captain.” Stryker replied. Anne went to her cabin. Sitting down her eyes strayed to where her jewelry box would have been, if Harrington hadn’t plundered it. There were items of personal value that he had callously taken, and she vowed she would get it all back, even if she had to send him to the very Gates of Hell.

It had been all due to their recent sojourn at Port Royal. Anne had let the crew go spend their ill-gotten gains in the port city, however they wished. She herself had decided to play cards at a tavern. Also at the table was Harrington, whose ship was also in port. He spent the evening smoking cigars and grinning at her with his grey and black teeth. That night luck was with Anne, and she walked away from the table with a considerable fortune. After leaving most of her winnings in her cabin, she decided to spend the night onshore in a decent room. The next morning she noticed The Damnation had sailed away. Returning to her cabin, she found it had been ransacked. Her winnings that she had hidden away were gone, but her missing jewelry box was what hurt her the most. There was a piece of rolled up parchment on her table. Unrolling it, she read the message: Thanks for the plunder girl. Harrington. She immediately called for all the sailors to return to her ship, The Red Dagger. That afternoon they set sail heading on a course she guessed Harrington had taken.

Now it was several days later and there was still no sign of his ship. She was sure Harrington had headed this way, from what she knew of him. The man clearly had no honour and she would eventually hunt him down wherever he had gone.

“Captain!” she heard above. She went back on deck and grabbed her spyglass. There in the distance were some black sails. She had found him.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

I’ve been watching pirate movies lately, so I felt like writing a pirate story. Hopefully it should only need two more parts.

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©️2022 Joanne Fisher


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