Floppy As (flash fiction)

Floppy As

“What do you think?”

“It does seem rather floppy.”


“The question is how floppy is it? To me it seems to be as floppy as puppy ears.”

“Puppy ears?”

“Yes puppy ears is my standard for measuring floppiness. Is something as floppy as puppy ears or even floppier? That is, if such a thing is possible. That’s my Puppy Ears Floppiness Index. For there is no other way to measure the state of floppiness.”

“You must like puppies.”

“Well I love puppy ears and how floppy they are.”

“So what about this floppiness problem?”

“I think it’s perfect.”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt floppy as puppy ears provided by the Carrot Ranch August 15 Story Challenge.

When in doubt go weird is my motto…

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher


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