A Strange Find (flash fiction)

A Strange Find

Audrey and Trevor were in the park one afternoon, when they came across an object in the grass. Audrey picked it up.

“It looks like some futuristic gun.” Trevor observed.

“It’s just a child’s toy.” Audrey said as she pointed it at Trevor and pressed the trigger.

“No, don’t!” Trevor screamed, but was too late as she shot a red beam directly at him. Within a minute all that was left of him was a puddle of red goo.

“Oh, my!” Audrey exclaimed. She hurriedly walked off stashing the gun into her handbag. After all, it could be useful.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This is my second go at the prompt Oh, My provided by the Carrot Ranch November 21 Story Challenge. The previous one was Oh, My published here yesterday.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher


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