The Rejects, part three (fiction)

The Rejects


The door slid open to reveal a large room. In the centre of the room was a table with monitors and seats around it. Around the walls were electronic equipment of various kinds, Cally thought some of it looked to be for analysing, and in the centre of the wall to the left there were elevator doors. In the room there were six other people of around Cally’s age or older. Three were female and three were male. They all looked at her.

“May I introduce Cally.” Mr. Williams said to the others. “I think she’s the last one of you to be found.”

“Hi.” Cally said. The others said hi back to her. One of the women smiled and went directly towards her with her hand held out.

“Hi Cally, my name is Sofi. I’m the one who found you.” Sofi said. She looked to be Cally’s age and was of Indian heritage Cally guessed.

“You found me?” Cally asked confused.

“I was the one who became aware you were living in the ruins.” Sofi said.

“Though it did take a while for us to locate you.” Mr. Williams added.

“You became aware I was there?”

“Yes, one day I suddenly knew you were there.” Sofi told her.

“Sofi is able to locate people. She feels their presence.” Mr. Williams explained. “We need to get you connected to the computer.”

“Okay.” Cally said not knowing what that meant.

“Follow me.” Sofi said smiling. Cally followed her to the centre table. “Put your hand on the sensor pad.” Cally followed her instructions. The sensor pad started glowing.

“State your name.” said a female voice.

“Cally.” Cally replied.

“State your full name.” the voice immediately replied. Cally looked confused. She couldn’t remember her last name.

“Just make something up.” Sofi whispered to her.

“Cally Smith.” Cally said to the computer.

“Cally Smith, female, age range 18 to 105 years old.” the computer stated.

“What?” Cally asked. Mr. Williams looked perturbed.

“It must be another glitch.” He stated.

“I’ll check the lines of code.” One of the males volunteered.

“Okay Matt, you do that. I wish to take Cally down below. You can all introduce yourselves to her later.” Mr. Williams stated. He led Cally to the elevator doors.

“Where are we going?” Cally asked.

“There’s something I need to show you.” Mr. Williams told her. The doors opened and they both got in. Cally saw the others were now huddled around a computer monitor. Sofi looked up and waved to her. Then the doors closed and the lift went down. Not long later, the doors opened to reveal a cavern. In the cavern was a cart that was mounted on tracks. The tracks went off into the darkness.

“What is this place?” Cally asked.

“Just a cavern. Get on the cart.” Mr. Williams insisted. Cally sat on one of the seats and then Mr. Williams joined her. He started up a motor and the cart began moving forwards at a steady pace.

“Where are we headed?”

“A place you need to see.” Mr. Williams answered. The cart moved through a narrow tunnel with a single light in the front showing the way. After half an hour they came into a larger cavern. Mr. Williams brought the cart to a halt. Cally felt cold and put her arms around herself to help keep warm. Mr. Williams got off the cart and beckoned her to follow.

“I don’t like this place.’ Cally remarked. Mr. Williams looked at her.

“Interesting. Maybe you’re sensitive to energy levels.” He stated. He suddenly stopped and faced the far wall.

“So what happened here?” Cally asked.

“The reason why I’m gathering all your team together is that you’re all gifted, and when I say gifted I mean you all have powers. In the old days it would have been called magic, whatever that means. Magic, or what we called magic, is the ability to change matter at a subatomic level, or so I believe. And that is something you’re all capable of doing at some level, though of varying degrees of power.” Mr. Williams explained.

“So what happened in this cavern?” Cally asked.

“Well I was getting to that. Years ago another dimension opened a portal to our world here in this exact spot. The intentions of the denizens living there was to invade our world and take it over, but at the time they were thwarted and their portal was closed.”

“I see. So what are you wanting us to do?”

“I want to use your powers to reopen the portal.” Mr. Williams told her.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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