If You Could Be Here (poem)

If You Could Be Here

it's always easy to wish
we hadn't gone separate ways

often I dream you are with me
everyday I write a letter in my head

you would have loved it here:
the perfect stillness in the heat

fields of wheat looking like
a Van Gogh painting

lazily swaying in the breeze
the line of mountains on the

horizon leading to forever,
though sometimes I wish

we had wolves so I could
join them howling in the dark,

my letters to you always
ramble, never reaching an end

as I am always truly dazzled
by the beauty of this world

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt to write a story as a love letter to nature (though I wrote a poem) provided by the Carrot Ranch February 6 Story Challenge.

I haven’t written much lately as last week we had a heatwave, I also had to get the flat clean for an inspection, and there was another personal crisis which I won’t go into. None of these were conducive to sitting down and focusing on new work, but the next few days should be clear so I can work on some further stories…

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