The Lightsaber (flash fiction)

The Lightsaber

I found it hidden in a secret compartment in an old building: a Jedi lightsaber. Who knew how long it had been there? Probably left by a Jedi with intentions to come back for it someday. When I pressed the switch a long green blade of light appeared, humming loudly. I wrapped it up in some rags and stowed it away in my pack, as I knew it must be worth something, though it took a long while before I found anyone willing to buy it. I eventually sold it for several thousand credits. I was so pleased. There was so much I could do now, maybe even travel off-world.

Then came the news the Empire was looking for a suspected Jedi. They had arrested the seller who had bought the lightsaber, and he told them they had got it from me. Not long after there were images of my face everywhere. I was now a fugitive. Everyone I encountered thought I was a Jedi and either wanted to help me or hand me over to the Imperial Forces to claim the reward. At first, it was sometimes hard to tell which. I could do nothing with the credits I had obtained, and now had to hide all the time in case the Empire found me. All because I found that lightsaber…

Joanne Fisher

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5 thoughts on “The Lightsaber (flash fiction)

  1. Kenobi and Rebels did a good job of portraying how bad the surviving Jedi have it under the Empire. You did a great job here also. Everything I’ve seen iin those two shows and Fallen Order leaves little doubt that the Empire would be that paranoid over even a found lightsaber. 🙂

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