The Offering (poem)

Illustration by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel

The Offering

through the flames
I see the English soldiers
happily watching my body
burn to ash

a witch they called me,
yet my visions were
from God, I swear

what is divine
on one side seems
demonic to the 


I led armies to victory
in Orleans, and gained
access to Reims
for a new king
to be crowned

all the while dressed
in armour, unusual
for a woman, maybe

but what else could
this soldier of God wear?


though I die this day
though the Church calls me
a heretic
though my remains will
be thrown into the Seine -

let the world
make of me

whatever it will

Joanne Fisher

I’m not sure why I’ve written a poem about Joan of Arc, but it popped into my head, though she is a very intriguing historical figure.

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©️2023 Joanne Fisher


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