The Elevator to EEBY DEEBY (flash fiction)

The Elevator to EEBY DEEBY

I walked into the elevator and pressed the button. The doors closed and the elevator began moving. Looking at the display I noticed it said EEBY DEEBY with the arrow pointing up, instead of tenth floor, as it should have. Panicking about what was happening I tried pressing the alarm, but nothing happened. I tried accessing the phone but couldn’t open the compartment. Then the elevator slowed and came to a stop. The doors opened to reveal a tropical paradise. A warm breeze drifted in carrying the scents of many flowers.

“Welcome! You have gained admittance to the paradise of EEBY DEEBY.” The electronic voice in the elevator stated. I got out and looked around in wonder. Behind me I heard the elevator doors close. I turned around to see the elevator was gone. Instead there was a pathway leading up to the mountains where it had been.

Out in the distance was a sparkling azure sea. A city lay sprinkled along the coast with brightly painted buildings. The cerulean sky was a deep blue with a blazing sun at its zenith. Around me were trees with large dark green leaves and brightly coloured parrots squawking in the branches. A rough brown path led through the forest and down to the city where I could hear music playing.

It was all very nice, but what I had wanted was to get back to my hotel room.

Joanne Fisher

Inspired by the picture.

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