After Midnight (flash fiction)

Gothic Vampire Girl by LinkHerodarklink

After Midnight

“I’ve got to go!” She urgently cried. The bells were tolling. She ran off leaving one of her glass slippers behind. The Prince picked it up and ran after her.

“Wait!” He called out. Unexpectedly, he caught up with her. She stopped and turned around, regarding him with her dark eyes. “You’re the most beautiful young woman I’ve ever seen, why do you run?”

“My stepmother doesn’t let me go to dances, because after midnight is when I feed.” She answered. She suddenly lunged at the Prince and bit his neck. She was so hungry…

“Well Cinders, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. You’ve drained the Prince!” One of her sisters stated once they found her kneeling over the body of the Prince with his blood all down her dress.

“If only you could control yourself.” The other said. She sighed. “We’re going to have to move again.”

Joanne Fisher

This was originally a prompt response, but the story grew too long. I already have another response to the same prompt, which should appear shortly.

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3 thoughts on “After Midnight (flash fiction)

  1. 🤦‍♂️ Next thing you know they’ll be making Winnie the Pooh an Axe Murderer…

    Oh wait…. 🤣 (Yes, it’s been done in a film if you haven’t heard)

    Nicely done. You and your vampire fetish though… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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