On the Shelf (flash fiction)

On the Shelf

“New to the shelf are ya?”

“Yup. So what happens now?”

“We wait here, until we are chosen.”


“Yes. Something comes and takes us from the shelf.”

“All of us?”

“Eventually we all get chosen.”

“What happens once we’re chosen?”

“No idea, but I have heard rumours.”

“Rumours? What do the rumours say?”

“That when we are chosen, we are taken away to some far place. There we are ripped open and our insides are scooped out.”

“Our insides? To do what with exactly?”

“I heard they scoop them out and eat them. Then our skins are discarded and thrown into the trash.”

“That sounds rather far-fetched to me, and needlessly horrific. There’s no reason to suppose anything bad is going to happen to us.”

“I know. I guess we will find out what happens when we are chosen.”

Joanne Fisher

Just a normal story of talking bags of potato chips… I was hoping to find an image from a New Zealand supermarket, but all the images I found seemed mostly from the United States.

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©️2023 Joanne Fisher


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