The Desert Dog (flash fiction)

The Desert Dog

They guarded the water in this patch of desert. One morning a dog ran up. It made for the water, but they threw stones at it.

“Get away you mongrel!” One shouted. The dog slunk away. Shortly afterwards, a woman appeared.

“May I have some water please?” She asked.

“Certainly miss.” She drank a few cupfuls. They watched her walk away. She then transformed into the dog and ran off.

“What do you reckon? Is that a person who turns into a dog, or a dog who turns into a person?” One asked.

“Maybe it’s both.” Suggested the other.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt dog in the desert provided by the Carrot Ranch April 3 Story Challenge.

Have a Happy Easter everyone, if you celebrate it.

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©️2023 Joanne Fisher


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