Hello my name is Joanne and I live in Christchurch,  New Zealand.

I really love reading, films, music, art, and cooking. I also really love writing and I have written poetry since I was a teenager. Over the years my poetry has appeared in various journals and magazines. I also write stories and I’m currently using this blog to write a serialised fantasy story about lesbian sky-pirates.

I began this blog because I wanted to write articles about things that interested me such as Star Wars and Tolkien’s works. As I haven’t written very much over the last few years, due to a number of reasons, I thought this blog would help get me back into the habit of writing regularly.

Other interests include Magic the Gathering, vampires, role playing games, gaming, Ursula K. Le Guin’s works, exercising, and horror stories, to name a few.

Email me at: jedigirl63@gmail.com