Dumb Vampires, part 15 (fiction)

Dumb Vampires


Freya awoke. The sun had only just set. She knew they had to go soon, so she gently shook Sarah who was sleeping beside her. Sarah awoke wide-eyed and alert.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah asked alarmed.

“We need to get out of here. Now we’ve killed one of the hunters, more will come. The sooner we’re away the better.” Freya told her.

“Can’t we just try to get the other one?”

“No he’s probably guessed by now we’re here. He’ll either be gone or awaiting reinforcements. If he is still here, he will be extremely difficult to get to.” Freya advised. “It’s best we pack up and go.”

“We haven’t got a car.”

“We can always hitchhike.” Freya suggested.

“Okay.” Sarah replied. She got out of the bed and headed to the kitchen. Freya followed her. They warmed up the remaining blood and finished it off. “Do we hide the bodies somewhere, or shall we just let them be found there on the floor.”

“Just leave them for the hunters to find.” Freya suggested.

“Well if they’re going to find them, then I want to leave a message for the dick wad.” Sarah went over to the bodies and produced a pocket knife. Freya watched Sarah carving letters into Tom’s forehead. After she had finished, they packed up their few belongings and went soundlessly out the back window.

Once outside, they walked across the road and stuck out their thumbs to the passing traffic. They didn’t have to wait long for a car to stop for them. It was a red Jeep.

“Where are you sexy girls headed?” asked the driver. He was a man in his forties with short brown hair and a rather cheesy mustache. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and white shorts.

“We’re heading to New Kingsport.” Freya told him. He smiled.

“It just so happens I’m heading there to. Climb on in.” he told them.

“Thanks.” Freya said, as she and Sarah both got into the back seat. They drove off.

“My name is Chuck by the way.” He told them.

“Of course it is.” Freya replied.

“I’m sorry?” he asked.

“No matter.” Freya replied smiling. “I’m Freya, and this is Sarah.” Chuck began to wind down the window.

“So you girls got a place to stay in the city?” Chuck asked.

“We’ll probably just go to a motel.” Freya answered.

“Two pretty girls like you staying in a motel? No, I won’t hear of it! You’re welcome to stay at my place. I’ve got plenty of room.” Chuck told them.

“Thanks, that sounds great.” Freya replied.

“Yeah we’ll make it worth your while.” Sarah said smiling at him.

“We certainly will.” Freya agreed. Chuck smiled. He was in for a good time tonight, he thought.

On the way he stopped at a gas station. Freya and Sarah looked at each other.

“At least we’ve got somewhere to stay for a while.” Sarah stated.

“Hopefully…” Freya answered. She felt disquiet that they had stopped here, but there was nothing she could do about that. When Chuck got back, he was all smiles.

“Well off we go!” He stated. “If one of you wants to sit in the front with me, you’re welcome to.”

“Thanks, but we’re okay here.” Freya told him. “So what do you do Chuck?”

“This and that.” He answered.

“What about you two?” he asked.

“I’m a student.” Sarah replied. “Though it’s the holidays.”

“What about you Freya? Are you a student too?” Chuck asked her.

“You could say that.” Freya answered guardedly.

When they got to the city, Chuck drove to his house in the hills. It was a large wooden villa that had a scenic view of the entire valley. Below them New Kingsport silently glittered with thousands of lights. Chuck unlocked the door and walked in to his house. Freya and Sarah walked up to the doorway and waited.

“Come in you two!” Chuck told them.

“Thanks.” Freya replied as they both walked over the threshold.

“This is the lounge and here is the kitchen.” He told them. “Do you two want something to eat?”

“We certainly do!” Sarah replied. Both Sarah and Freya followed Chuck into the kitchen. He turned around to see them both advancing on him with their fangs out. He screamed.

Afterwards, Freya and Sarah sat on the couch. Sarah was resting her head on Freya’s shoulder while Freya had her arms around her. Sarah had the TV remote in her hand and was flicking through the channels. Both of them had blood dripping from their mouths.

“It should take them a while to find us here.” Sarah said.

“Yes my love.” Freya replied. She kissed Sarah on the forehead.

Freya was thinking about Chuck stopping at the gas station, which would give the hunter a car to track, and that would mean he would be here sooner than Sarah realised. That hunter followed her everywhere. He was relentless. No matter where she went, he would eventually turn up. She was tired of the constant chase, tired of the hunt, and realised she needed to take a stand. She needed to get rid of him, even if it cost her life, and Sarah’s. She looked around. This place was as good as any to make a final stand against the man who constantly stalked her. This would be the only way she could be rid of him forever…

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

The Leaving (flash fiction)

The Leaving

Ginny stood on the river bank and watched the water running swiftly past. Breathing in the cool air she listened to the sounds of the river and the birds singing in the trees above. She was alone and feeling like her insides had been all mushed up. Today she had broken up with her partner, and now she felt sad, confused, and in a lot of pain.

She knew she would get over it, even though it didn’t seem like it at this time. Right now she needed to be alone and work though the hurt. Ginny dropped the feather she found into the river and watched it float away from her. The feather would move on to places she had never seen, and so would she.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 130

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #130.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

Don’t Fear the Reaper (fiction)

Don’t Fear the Reaper

One night there was an ominous loud knocking on the door. I opened it to find a large woman in a bright floral dress. I looked at her confused.

“Hello love.” she said.

“Do I know you?” I asked her.

“I’m Death. I’ve come to collect your soul.” she told me.

“Death? I thought you’d be a skeleton in a black hooded cloak with scythe in your hand.”

“You’d be surprised by how many people say that.” she answered.

“Actually I don’t think I would be.” I replied. To my surprise she walked past me into the house. “So how did I die then?”

“Your heart gave out out dear.” she said turning to me.

“Like my dad’s did?”

“Yes like your father. Now he was a fun one to collect. Not like you.”

“Not like me?” I asked hoping she would clarify that remark. She walked to my kitchen and opened my fridge up.

“Well with you it’s all eye rolling and sarcasm. No wonder you’ve died alone.” she commented. “Do you mind if I raid your fridge? All this reaping souls makes me hungry.”

“Death came to visit and raided my fridge?” I said out loud.

“Well it’s not like you’re going to need it anymore, especially where you’re going.”

“And where am I going?” I asked.

‘What do you mean dear?” she asked as she stuffed her face full of my food.

“Will I just cease to exist? Is there a heaven or hell, and if there is, which one am I going to?” Death just shrugged her shoulders.

“You’ll find out when you get there love. What you believe will happen to you, either you’re right or your wrong, and if you’re wrong it’s too late to worry about it now.” she told me while finishing off my roast chicken.

“Okay.” I replied uncertainly. She came back into the living room and looked at me.

“You ready love?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I told her. She smiled at me.

“That’s the spirit dear! Now take my hand.” I took hold of her hand and to my surprise I found it was warm, and then we walked through the door together.

Joanne Fisher

This idea for a story just popped into my head…

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

Dumb Vampires, part 14 (fiction)

Dumb Vampires


Robert went to the phone in his room. He picked up the receiver and then dialed a number. He waited for it to be answered.

“This is Little Bo Peep. I need to talk to the Big Kahuna on this line.” He then hung up and waited. A short time later the phone rang and Robert answered it.

“Report.” Said a voice.

“My assistant Tom Mitchell has been killed by the two vampires we were tracking. It turns out they are staying in the same motel we are.” Robert told him.

“That’s unfortunate.” The voice replied in an expressionless tone.

“I did warn him to be careful, but he did not heed my concerns. I don’t think, in the end, he was suitable for this line of work.”

“Few are.”

“So what are my instructions?” Robert asked.

“You are to sit tight until we can get you a replacement. Do not do anything until they arrive. Where are you?”

“I’m staying in the Sunny Meadows Motel just outside the town of Lawrence.” Robert answered as he looked out the window at the carpark and the highway beyond it. “I’m in Unit 28. The vampires are in Unit 13. I’m currently looking across at their unit. How long before the replacement comes?”

“They should arrive early tomorrow. Where’s your assistant’s body?”

“With the vampires. I assume they’ve been feeding on him all night. There is also a local person missing. I suspect they were the first victim.”

“If they know you are there, they may come for you tonight. Be on your guard.” The voice warned.

“I’ll take all the precautions I can.” Robert answered. “There is an Inquisitor nearby. Do you think I should approach them about this situation?” Robert asked. There was silence.

“No. Stay where you are. They may already be aware of the situation. I will call this number tomorrow in the morning.” The voice said. Then they hung up. Robert put the receiver down.

“I guess I’m having a night in.” He said to himself. He went to a store and grabbed some food and, once back, he locked the door and put a chair under the handle. After ensuring all the windows were secure, he placed another chair that was equidistant from the door and the window. Opening his suitcase, he pulled out several wooden stakes. One he put in his inside jacket pocket and another by his right foot held in place with a band in his sock. He took out the Glock from his shoulder holster and checked the clip was full.

Once it grew dark, he turned out the light and sat on the chair. From where he was he could see both the door and the unit the vampires were staying in through the window. He sat there and waited. As the night wore on it got quieter, aside from the occasional traffic sounds from the highway. At around two am Robert thought he could hear footsteps on the edge of hearing. They were softly moving towards his door. Then he could hear the door handle slowly move as something attempted to open it. Robert knew he could suddenly open the door and drive a stake through whoever was trying to gain access to his room, but he was under orders to sit tight, and besides, what if it turned out to be just a burglar? That might be a hard one to explain…

The night deepened and Robert continued to sit there waiting. Occasionally he glanced at the vampire’s unit, but saw no signs of movement or activity. No further attempts to enter his room were attempted. Once the sky began to lighten, he relaxed and stood up. He felt stiff from sitting there all night. He decided to take a short nap. The phone woke him up several hours later.

“You survived then.” The voice said.

“Yes. At least one of them made an attempt to enter my room, but they were rather cautious.” Robert answered.

“Your replacement will arrive shortly.” The voice told him before they hung up again. Around an hour later there was a loud knock. Robert answered it. Standing there was a woman only slightly shorter than him. Her skin was black and her long dark hair was in braids. She wore a suit like him.

“You must be Robert Thompson.” She said in a thick Caribbean accent. “I’m Angela Haynes, your new assistant.”

“Hello Angela.” He said holding his hand out. She briefly shook it and then walked into the room and looked around. She was carrying a suitcase in her left hand. “Where are you from?”

“I”m from Barbados. So where are the vampires now?” Angela asked.

“Currently they should be sleeping in their unit.” Robert told her. Angela set her suitcase down on a bed and opened it. She pulled out a stake.

“Maybe we should go and deal with the problem!” Angela said holding the stake in her hand.

“I was about to suggest that.” Robert told her.

“Then let’s go man!” She urged. Robert led her to Unit 13. Using a wire he quickly picked the lock while Angela stood in the way so nobody could see what they were doing. When Robert opened the door, the first thing that hit them was the stench. They both walked in to find two bodies lying on the floor, one of them was Tom. Robert shook his head at his former assistant. One of the vampires had cut the words YOU SUCK! onto Tom’s forehead. Robert guessed it was Sarah, since it wasn’t Freya’s style.

“If only you had listened to me.”

“It definitely smells like vampires.” Angela said holding her nose. Robert looked around. There was no sign of Freya or Sarah. On the bench in the kitchen was a jug with dried blood.

“It looks like they’ve gone. I kept an eye on this unit all night, but never saw them leave.” He went to a back window and found it was open. “I better call in the cleaners. One of our own is here.”

“So where have they gone?” Angela asked.

“They will probably go to the nearest city. Vampires like anonymity.” Robert told her.

“Then they’ve fled to New Kingsport?”

“I would guess so.”

“Then that’s where we go next.” Angela said.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

The Movie (flash fiction)

The Movie

“Let’s hit the road, Jack!” Screamed Amy excitedly.

“I prefer Jacqui you know.”

“Okay, but let’s go!”

“We’re going!” Jacqui replied. They went to the car. Jacqui’s mother, Sandra, appeared.

“Where are you girls going?” She asked.

“Off to see a movie.” Jacqui replied.

“What’s it called?”

“Star Wars. It’s science fiction. Our friends are saying to check it out.” Jacqui told her.

“And we’re running late! Let’s go!” Amy shouted.

“Sounds important.” Sandra said. Jacqui rolled her eyes.

“It’s not like it’s going to change our lives or anything.”

“Well have a good time!” Sandra called after them.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt “hit the road, Jack” provided by the Carrot Ranch April 29 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

New Life (flash fiction)

New Life

Cindy went outside in the morning. She walked onto the newly sown fields to feel her bare feet in the warming earth. Last winter had been harsh and she was glad spring had come, the deep snow had given way to green fields. Living on a farm meant you seemed more close to the seasons.

Yesterday Cindy had found the IVF treatment had been successful. She was pregnant, but had yet to tell her wife Jess. Tonight she was going to surprise her with the good news. Cindy looked over their new rows of corn. New life was growing.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with the prompt earthing provided by the Carrot Ranch April 22 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher

Dumb Vampires, part 13 (fiction)

Dumb Vampires


Robert and Tom walked into the motel room. They both placed their meagre luggage onto the floor. Robert walked over to the windows and closed the curtains.

“Shouldn’t we still be out looking for them?” Tom asked.

“I’ve been driving all night and day. I need some rest. Besides, I’m sure they’ll eventually leave evidence of their passage.” No sooner had Robert said that then his cell phone rang.  He answered the call. “Yes? I see. Thanks for letting me know.”

“Is there news?”

“Yes an abandoned car has been found not far from here. They obviously drove it until it ran out of gas and then presumably walked away, which means they may not be far from here.” Robert informed him.

“I wonder what happened to the car’s owner.” Tom mused.

“I would guess he’s buried in a shallow grave somewhere, probably where they picked the car up.” Robert answered.

“They could have taken another car.”

“Wherever they go I’m sure we’ll hear about it.” Robert said confidently.

“So what do we do now?” Tom asked.

“We wait for further news.” Robert answered. “Though there is an Inquisitor nearby. We could ask them for help.” Tom stared at him in surprise.

“An Inquisitor? Aren’t they the enemy?”

“Well yes, but sometimes the enemy of enemy can be our friend, when we need them to be. Inquisitors hate rogue vampires as much as we do.” Robert told him.

“But aren’t we meant to be destroying all vampires?”

“Well that’s what we tell people, in essence were just getting rid of the troublesome ones. Vampires that are quiet and follow the rules set down by their own council don’t usually get targeted by us.” Robert replied.


“We have to be selective on who we go after. The reason I suggested we use the Inquisitor is they are essentially doing the same thing we are doing: getting rid of the vampires that could expose them all. Vampires have managed to survive for millennia as they have convinced everyone they don’t exist. Vampires like Freya who go on killing sprees threaten to expose that lie.”

“So why doesn’t our organisation just tell everyone vampires are real?” Tom asked.

“Because that is not our brief. We don’t know the ramifications and overall psychological effect on society if it was revealed that vampires actually exist. Besides if they are exposed, then our organisation may be exposed too, and we don’t really want public scrutiny on our activities.” Robert replied.

“But surely the Inquisitor might kill us too?”

“Yes they might. That’s the risk. Which is why I’m only thinking about it at this stage.” Robert told him. “Now I suggest we both get some rest. It’s getting dark. The next few days might be hectic.”

“I thought I might go to the bar across the road first.” Tom told him.

“You plan to drink or pick someone up?”

“Both hopefully. There might be some hot chicks there.” Tom stated. Robert sighed.

“You have to keep focused son. This constant need to go out and prove your heterosexuality has me convinced you are scared you might be gay.”

“What?” Tom screamed out.

“You’re obviously bothered about sharing motel rooms with another man as you are concerned people might think you’re gay. People who are confident in their sexuality, gay or straight, don’t worry about things like that. Which means to me that you’re struggling with your identity.” Robert told him. “As I said you have to keep focused in this job or it will get you into trouble.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ Tom stormed out of the room. Robert shook his head and lay down on the bed.

“I touched a nerve there!” Robert said to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

Tom walked angrily outside. How dare Robert accuse him of being gay! The nerve of that man. He stormed across the road, but was met with a loud car horn. He looked to see a pickup truck with two women in the front. A blonde woman was at the wheel while a brunette sat beside her. They were dressed like farmers and were looking rather annoyed with him. He stopped and let their pickup truck pass. A golden Labrador barked at him from the back. Once he checked the road was clear, he walked across.

Tom ordered a whiskey and thought about Robert’s words. It appeared that the organisation he was working for was far different than what he thought it was. When he was recruited he was told he would be killing vampires, but it had turned out far different than he had expected.

“Want to buy me a drink?” asked a voice that broke Tom out of his reverie. He saw there was a young blonde woman standing beside him.

“Sure! Bartender, whatever this woman wants.”

“Can I have a double bourbon please?” the woman asked. The bartender nodded and poured her a drink. She drained the glass in one go. Tom looked at her in wonder. She turned to him. “You been here long?”

“No just passing through. I’m staying at the motel across the road.” Tom told her.

“Me too! I’m there with my girlfriend.” She replied smiling. “We sure could use some company.” Tom quickly finished his drink and left a few dollars on the bar.

“I’m so there!” he replied. That would show Robert. He planned to brag to him about this threesome tomorrow.

“Great! Follow me.” She said. Tom followed her across the road. She led him into a room on the other side of the motel from where he was staying. She opened the door and beckoned him to go in first, which he did. She followed him and closed the door behind her. Tom then saw her friend.

“Oh my god it’s you!” He exclaimed upon seeing Freya smiling at him evilly. He turned to quickly leave, but found his way to the door was blocked by Sarah, who now had her fangs out. Both of them advanced on him.

“This is for Britney!” Sarah said. They muffled Tom’s screams.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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Evidence (flash fiction)


The two figures looked at the steps before them. Their shuttle had landed over a kilometre away and they were doing a reconnaissance of the area.

“This proves there must be some form of intelligent life on this planet, no matter how primitive.” Said one of them.

“Maybe, but it can be surprising what structures can be made by nature alone.” Said the other.

“You think this was made purely by chance?”

“Well it could have resulted from animal movements over the long years.”

“And what set the paving stones into the hill? A freak burst of wind? Birds dropping them from the sky? A small glacier?”

“Now you’re getting sarcastic.” The other warned. “But you do have a point, though it would be advantageous if we could find some more concrete examples.”

“Unbelievable!” They shook their head.

As the two figures argued, many eyes regarded them from the bushes.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 150

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #128.

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©️2021 Joanne Fisher