Finding Valinor (poem)

Earendil the Mariner by Jenny Dolfen


Finding Valinor


Fleeing the shadow

we try to get to Valinor

to ask the Valar’s aid

but each time blown back

by repelling winds


one night

the Moon’s illumination showing

Eärendil with his golden hair

standing at the prow

of the Vingilot

a white dove lands &

transforms into Elwing

bearing the Silmaril


Eärendil binds it to his brow &

burns our way through the mists

& winds, until finally we see

the shores of Eldamar


Joanne Fisher


At the moment I’m writing an article on Tolkien. One of the things I discuss in it is the story of the Voyage of Eärendil. One of the stories I’ve always liked. I thought it would be interesting to write a poem about it as I’ve never written a poem using Tolkien’s stories and characters before. Using the word prompt of illumination also allowed me to keep it to only 73 words which created a nice challenge for me. The word prompt also gave the image of the moon illuminating Eärendil at the prow of the ship, which is why I thought of writing it.

The poem was written from the perspective of one of the three other sailors that accompanied him on the voyage.

This was written using the word prompt illumination from the post by Sammi Cox.


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Walking at Night (micro fiction)

Walking At Night

Alex walked along the beach. It was a nice warm night. You could see the stars blazing in the dark sky. He saw figures rising out of the water’s surface. The moon provided enough illumination to show they had large eyes and scaly skin. Though bipedal they clearly weren’t human. They walked towards Alex.

“This is a good night for hunting humans. ” he said in their gutteral language. The figures nodded and continued walking.

Joanne Fisher

This was a Sammi Cox writing prompt to use the word illumination in a story or poem in 73 words.

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