The Battle (flash fiction)


The Battle


“Vampires? Why does it have to be vampires?” the warrior asked as he looked at the horde in front of him. He turned to look at his own troops, too small in number to take them on or even be much use in defence. Where were their powerful leaders? How come they hadn’t turned up yet? Without them, they had little chance in winning. Overhead flew more of their enemies. “Vampires and dragons? What unholy alliance have they formed?”

“It’s their wizard. He summoned them and now they’re attacking our wizard and draining her lifeforce. If only we had some flying defenders to stop them. Our wizard is in trouble. We need to defend her.” the elven soldier by his side replied.

“Surely she must have some spell to stop them?”

“I think she’s holding out for our legendary heroes to come save the day. I fear it’s going to be up to us to bear the brunt of it.” the elf admitted. The warrior let out a sigh. He gripped his sword and waited for the vampire horde to advance. It was going to be a bad day…

As the vampire horde advanced, they swept away all that lay in front of them leaving their enemy wizard finally exposed. The vampires quickly destroyed her. The battle was lost.




“Rats! My deck failed to work this time.” she said as she picked up all her cards and shuffled them. Her opponent laughed.

“Elves and their puny allies are no match for my dragons and vampires!’ he said. “You want another game?”

“Sure. We’ll make it best of three.” She offered as she put her deck down on the table and drew another seven cards. This time she hoped it would work better.


Joanne Fisher


I guess I’m missing playing Magic the Gathering…



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My Turn (flash fiction)

Shivan Dragon by Melissa A. Benson


My Turn


“My dragon attacks you for five points of damage.” I say tapping the card before me. I then tap all my mountains for red mana. “The dragon also breathes on you for a further eight points of fire damage.” Just after I say this, my opponent is suddenly engulfed in flames. Eventually it subsides and he sits there smouldering covered in burns.

“My turn!” he announces grinning deviously.  I look down at the horde of zombies he has acquired. All of them looking hungry. This was going to hurt.

This new reality version of the game had no winners….


Joanne Fisher


Just thought I would let my geek flag fly… When the Carrot Ranch prompt was tapping I immediately thought of Magic The Gathering. In the end I also wrote another piece that used the prompt and opted to post that one instead because I thought it was better and I wasn’t sure people would get this one. Having reread it, I thought why not finally publish it?


The current news here in New Zealand: today is day six of the lockdown. So far there are 647 people here who have Covid-19 and one death.


This was written with the prompt tapping provided by the Carrot Ranch March 12 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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Some Of My Favourite Magic The Gathering Cards

Chandra, my favourite Planeswalker. I haven’t included any Planeswalkers in this list, so sadly she isn’t in this article.

I have several longer articles in the planning stages at the moment, but with Christmas fast approaching I neither have the time nor the inclination to work on them at the moment. I might have to leave that for the New Year. So I thought I would write something a bit more fun and (let’s be honest) quicker to write. One of my hobbies is Magic the Gathering, and I have been playing it for many years now. I thought I would share some of my favourite cards. If people like this I might do another one on some other cards someday.  None of these cards are in any particular order. Sometimes I like cards because of what they can do, sometimes I like them because of the the illustration, or sometimes both.

1. All Hallow’s Eve


Sadly I don’t use this card in one of my decks. It sits in one of my folders. It was originally published in the Legends expansion and I don’t think it’s ever been reprinted. I love the illustration. In fact I don’t think they would use an illustration like this these days. The card itself brings all creatures in everyone’s graveyards back into play. Potentially useful, but could also be hazardous too. I paid around $100 (NZ) for it a few years back. I see that it is now worth about $150 (US).



2. Vampire Nocturnus

I p1026lay with three vampire decks, and have around three other decks with a strong vampire presence. I think this is a must with a deck with quite a few vampires in it as it gives vampires the ability to fly (if they don’t already have it) and +2/+1 to their power and toughness, that’s if your top card in your deck is black that is. This card can potentially win you the game and is usually targeted by other players when I bring it out. It also combos nicely with Mephidross Vampire, which turns all the creatures you control into vampires. Nice artwork too.


3. Mox Diamond


Currently sitting in my five colour dragon Commander deck (Scion of the Ur-Dragon is the Commander). A useful card to have when you need all the mana colours available. The only issue with it is that you have to have a land card in your hand you’re able to discard. I bought this about ten years ago for about $30 (NZ) and I see that it is now worth about $140 (US) according to Star City Games.



4. Priest of Titania

1032Along with dragons and vampires, I also have a lot of elvish decks. This card is a great way to ramp up the mana if you’re playing with a tribal elf deck. In fact I have an elvish wurm deck that utilises this card and a couple of others like this to quickly bring out large numbers of wurms. Rebecca Guay who did the artwork for this card is an artist I quite like, and she has done some of my favourite illustrations for Magic cards over the years. Not long after this card came out I found a stack of them in a 20 cent box and so I grabbed them all because I thought they could be useful. Some time later they ended being worth about $5 each.

5. Tatsumasa, the Dragon’s Fang

1029I collect a lot of the swords, most of which I don’t use so they just sit in one of my folders. This is one I do use in one of my decks. I don’t really bother to equip this one as I like it’s other ability. You exile it and a blue 5/5 dragon with flying comes into play. When the dragon is killed, the sword comes back into play, and then you can exile it again… It’s the gift that keeps on giving really. And you don’t just have to turn it into a dragon, you can choose to equip it for a whopping +5/+5. Sure it’s expensive in mana cost, but I’ve found it quite useful over the years, so what’s not to like? Currently in my five colour dragon deck.

6. Radha, Heir to Keld

1027Radha is the Commander of my red/green mana ramp deck. She is quite useful since she produces either green mana, or if you attack with her, red mana. She is also cheap to play, which pretty much keeps her in play most of the time. I intentionally sacrifice her sometimes just so I can get the extra mana, but since she’s Commander she always comes back. I’ve been thinking about creating another Commander deck, a tribal werewolf deck with her as Commander. Even though she’s not a werewolf that extra mana is always useful and better suited than any other red/green Legendary Creature I can think of as a Commander. Again, nice artwork, love the aggro.

7. Demonic Tutor

1031By far my favourite of the tutors that I actually have. I’m very proud to have two of these, both Revised edition I think. I love the look of the demon with his book. He looks like he’s rather displeased or unimpressed with you. Tutors huh? Worth about $30 (US) each.





8. Olivia Voldaren

1024Commander of my vampire Commander deck. I like how she turns opponent’s creatures into vampires and then takes control of them. More vampires for me. Heh heh. She also gets more and more dangerous the more creatures she turns. Reasonably cheap to bring into play, starts as a 3/3, and has flying. Quite useful. Not my favourite picture of her however. There’s some alternative artwork I like better and I will post below…




Alternate artwork for Olivia Voldaren. Should be a 3/3 though.