Hyperdrive (flash fiction)






“The hyperdrive is damaged, Mistress Brynla. You need to replace it.” said E-5JF.

“You can’t fix it then?” Brynla asked.

“It is beyond my capabilities.” the droid stated.

“Of course it is.”

Brynla walked down the ramp of her spaceship. She regularly fantasised about “reprogramming” E-5JF with a heavy blunt object. Still, the droid was useful sometimes, and expensive to replace.

She looked around. Maybe the Alliance would pay for the hyperdrive, she wondered. Good thing they were in a spaceport and there were plenty of traders to choose from…


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 89 + prompt


This was written with the prompt replace provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #127.


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The Shipment (fiction)



This story follows on from Escape.

The Shipment (fiction)


Brynla waited. She was seated at a table in a bar waiting for her contact. The bartender had given her some brilliant-green sickly alcoholic confection to drink. It tasted foul and was definitely not what she had wanted. No matter how rough and tough she looked she was always given some rather dainty-looking drink by bartenders who assumed that’s what human females wanted.

“Mistress Brynla I believe our contact is late.” said E-5JF.

“That would be correct” Brynla confirmed. She looked at her droid in absolute hatred. E-5JF was a silver protocol droid with a light feminine voice who liked stating the perfectly obvious whenever she had the chance. Brynla entertained fantasies of taking to her droid with a sledgehammer until she was nothing but spare parts. But droids were expensive to replace and she was useful sometimes, in fact she had got them out of the recent tight spot they had been in. Still, hitting her with sledgehammer a few times… Brynla began tapping her fingers on the table.

“Wilya Brynla?”said a voice above her. Brynla looked up to see a woman in a rather dull light-green outfit. She had shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. Brynla found her reasonably attractive.

“Yes.” Brynla answered. The woman sat down on the other side of the table.

“I’m sorry I’m late Wilya. When I was told I was meeting a smuggler I assumed it was going to be a male.” Brynla rolled her eyes. If she had a credit for every time she heard that…

“Call me Brynla. Everyone else does.” Brynla informed her.

“Oh sorry! My name is Juslak, but you can call me Jus if you like. Do you have the shipment we asked for?” Jus asked her.

“Yes. I know we agreed on 15,000 credits, but the job was a lot more dangerous than I realised. I’ve decided I want 18,000 credits now.” Brynla stated. Jus looked at her in surprise.

“18,000? That’s 20 percent more! How dangerous did you think stealing contraband from an Imperial facility would be? You agreed to do this for 15,000.” Jus replied. She was very displeased.

“I’m sorry sweetheart but I’ve altered the deal. I’m sure I could sell the contraband on the street for a lot more than 18,000, so it’s still a bargain price.” Brynla casually informed her.

“Well I’ll have to go back to my superiors. It’s a shame people like you just use this opportunity to cream some more credits off the top, rather than actually helping us. I’m disappointed in you. I’ll see you later.” Jus looked at her coldly and stood up.

“I don’t have any affiliation. To me the galactic civil war is just an opportunity for me to make money from either side.” Brynla stated. Jus shook her head and walked off.

“The meeting doesn’t seem to have gone well mistress Brynla.” E-5JF informed her.

“Right again.” Brynla replied.


As Brynla left the bar her way was suddenly blocked by two hulking Gamorreans. A Quarren appeared beside them.

“The Boss wants to see you.” The Quarren said in heavily accented Basic.

“What now?” Brynla complained.

Brynla was taken to the spacious residence of Slyz-Bol, the local crime lord. He sat there in all his magnificence. Slyz-Bol was larger than a Wookie and had green craggy hairless skin and a protruding proboscis that was almost a meter long. Brynla had no idea what alien race he was, and if truth be told, neither did anyone else.

“The word on the street is you are in the possession of some Imperial contraband. If the local authorities hear about it life could become very difficult for you. If you were to give it all to me I’m sure they’ll never know of it.” Slyz-Bol said in his very nasally voice.

“And if I don’t turn it over I guess I’ll have stormtroopers all over my ship.” Brynla said in an aggrieved tone.

“It would be such a shame if that happened.” Slyz-Bol said trying to smile which was something his facial features weren’t terribly suited for.

Brynla let out a long sigh. Now that the local crime lord knew about it there was little she could do.

“Fine. I guess you’ll have to pick it up from my ship. At the moment my First Mate is on board with instructions to not let anyone else enter until I turn up. So you’re going to need me there.” Brynla informed him. She would have to think up some sort of plan on the way there.

“Okay. But don’t try anything or we will ensure you end up in an Imperial prison facility, or even dead” warned Slyz-Bol. Brynla nodded. She understood completely.


The next thing she knew she was in one of Slyz-Bol’s speeders and they were heading for Docking Bay 127 where her ship, The Star Wolf, was docked. Upon arrival Brynla walked up to her ship and waved at Ennik through one of the windows. She brought out her comlink.

“Ennik open the hold up” she ordered.

“Righto!” Ennik replied with his usual gusto and the next thing Brynla heard was the motors of the ships hold turning on and slowly the doors to the hold opening on the underside of the ship.

Without warning at least half a dozen figures dropped out of the hold and opened fire on Slyz-Bol’s men. Instinctively Brynla jumped out of the way. Slyz-Bol’s men were caught completely by surprise. A few of them got their blasters out, but most were shot down before they could respond. A couple of them used the speeders as a shield from the blaster fire before they slinked away, while the remaining ones ran off in panic. Brynla retrieved her heavy blaster and fired a few shots off at the fleeing figures. She turned to see the others who had dropped out of her ships hold were advancing on her. The one in front was Jus with a blaster rifle in her hands. Brynla’s mouth dropped open.

“How did you do that?” She asked incredulously. Jus smiled.

“When I returned to the bar I found your droid was waiting there and she told me she saw you being apprehended by Slyz-Bol’s men. Realising that maybe he had come to hear about what your ship was carrying we decided to wait for them to come here. We guessed you’d be with them. So we convinced Ennik to let us on board and we waited.” Jus explained.

“Well thank you.” Brynla said feeling sheepish.

“Well we have our speeders nearby and we have the 15,000 credits for you. I reckon getting rid of your criminal underworld problem was worth at least 3000.” Jus informed her.

“Okay I think I deserved that.” Brynla conceded.

“So we’re all square then?” asked Jus. Brynla smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Feel free to load up the contraband. Then I’ll be gone and I suggest you get out of here too. When Slyz-Bol finds out what has happened here he won’t be happy and there’s no knowing what he might do.” Brynla suggested.

“Yes we’ll load everything up as quickly as we can. However one more thing…”

“What now?” asked Brynla frowning.

“Though we have some reservations about you, we have another job we want you to do for us….”


Joanne Fisher


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Escape (flash fiction)




“Go! Just go!” screamed Ennik.

Brynla swerved the light freighter between the two Star Destroyers and gunned the sub light engines making the ship go as fast as it could. She knew they really needed to get out of here as soon as possible. According to the ships sensors they were being followed by quite a few TIE fighters now. Already some of their laser blasts were hitting the ship no matter how well Brynla piloted. Who knew that stealing some contraband out of an Imperial facility could be so dangerous?

“I just hope there isn’t an interdictor field around here.” Brynla muttered.

“Our chances of surviving this encounter are less than 25 percent.” E-5JF informed her.

“Thanks. Like I really needed to know that!” She shot back at the droid.

“Glad to be of service.” the droid replied.

“Ennik could you just go and do something rather than just sit there with your mouth gaping open? Take control of the laser cannon. Try and take a few of those TIE fighters with us!” Brynla commanded as the freighter shook from another blast. Ennik quickly left the cockpit. Brynla sighed. Why did she have to do everything? She began to calculate the hyperspace coordinates in the ships navicomputer. She really hoped this would work. In the distance she could see at least one more Star Destroyer ahead trying to cut them off. She punched the hyperdrive. Nothing happened.

“Ok we really need to get away from this system.” Brynla said out aloud.

“According to the ship our hyperdrive is at fault. It was not an interdictor field stopping us from entering hyperspace.” E-5JF informed her.

“That’s just great.” Brynla replied sarcastically.

“Why is that great, mistress Brynla?” the droid asked her.

“I was being sarcastic.” Brynla informed the droid.

“I’m not programmed to understand sarcasm.” E-5JF replied. Brynla rolled her eyes. If she managed to get out of this the first thing she would do is buy a new droid.

“Without a hyperdrive we’re just sitting ducks.”

“Yes our chances of survival are now less than five percent.” the droid stated.

“I just really love it when you tell me these things.” Brynla replied shaking her head.

“Thank you. I enjoy doing my job.”

The ship shook again. There were a few less TIE fighters following them now, maybe Ennik was scoring a few hits. Brynla gazed into the blackness before her. If they could just get past that Star Destroyer maybe they could get far enough away so she could start fixing the hyperdrive… Her reverie was broken when she saw a new squadron of TIE fighters rapidly approaching them. Things were about to get even more tougher.


Joanne Fisher


This was written using the prompt go provided by The Dragonspire.


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The Inquisitor, part three


Part One Part Two

The Inquisitor, part three

The lightsabers clashed. Taran tried to strike down her opponent, but Olen was too good at deflecting her blows. Olen narrowed her eyes.

“You are full of hate and anger. How can one so young be so full of hate?” Olen asked as she withstood more attacks from Taran’s lightsaber.

Taran didn’t respond but instead redoubled her efforts to overcome Olen’s defences. Olen began to apply more power to her blocking forcing Taran back into the corridor. As she followed her down the corridor she began to counter Taran’s attacks with her own. Taran tried to stand her ground but was forced back by the strength of Olen’s counter-attack.

“You are outclassed here. I don’t want to kill you. Maybe you should consider leaving.” Olen advised her.

“You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.” Taran responded trying to hold her ground.

“Are all you Dark Side users programmed to say that?” Olen asked her. Taran just grunted at her.

One more thrust from Olen led them both outside of the cave. In the distance Olen could see the Star Destroyers in the upper atmosphere raining down destruction onto the planet’s surface only a few miles away. A warm wind was rising.

“You brought all this destruction here just to find me?” She asked critically.

“It allowed me to locate you.” Taran admitted as the lightsaber hummed in her hands.

“Whatever the cost?” Olen asked pointedly.

“All methods to locate and destroy the last remaining Jedi will be used.” Taran informed her. Olen just shook her head sadly and then made another attack at Taran.

“You know what’s unfortunate? Underneath all that hate in you there is still a good person in there. I can feel it.” Olen said after Taran parried her blow.

“I must obey my orders!” Taran stated.

“If you let go of all that hate. I could train you.” Taran spat at Olen when she suggested this.

“A Jedi train me?” Taran looked at her incredulously while striking her lightsaber in anger. “You Jedi are the reason why I serve the Emperor! He has shown strength while all the Jedi did was show how weak they were!”

“Not true! Your mind has been poisoned by him.” Olen said as she parried a thrust from Taran.

“If it wasn’t for the Jedi my parents would be alive!” Taran screamed at her. Olen frowned.

“What do you mean?” she asked her.

“The Jedi couldn’t stop my planet from being invaded by the Separatists. They did nothing. It was days before they showed up and by then my parents and everyone I knew were dead. So you and your Order are to blame!” Taran informed her as she paced angrily and Olen deflected her blows.

“It was a galaxy-wide war. We never had enough resources to protect everyone. We couldn’t be everywhere. I’m sorry your planet got invaded by the Separatists, but there were many tragedies like this through the war, and you can’t blame the Jedi for this.” Olen explained. As they got further away from the caves she noticed the fire and destruction from the Star Destroyers were getting closer.

“Then who is to blame Jedi?” Taran taunted her.

“If you’re looking for someone to blame you should blame your master, the Emperor. He was playing both sides to gain more power. The Clone Wars wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for his machinations. Those Separatists that invaded your world were ultimately working for him.” Olen informed her. Taran looked enraged at her. She launched a violent flurry of blows onto Olen with such force that it caught Olen by surprise and she found herself backing away.

“You lie!” Taran cried vehemently. “The Emperor ended the conflict and brought peace to the galaxy!”

“Yes he brought “peace”. Once the galaxy was his after he destroyed the Jedi and all serious opposition to him was defeated.” Olen said while backing away from Taran’s relentless blows. “It was his fault and he has turned you into his own instrument of evil doing acts of destruction in his name, when it was his own hunger for power that resulted in the death of your parents and many others on both sides.” Olen was able to strike back. She saw a moment of hesitation and indecision in Taran’s movements and tried to force her back again. But then Taran renewed her attack.

“No I don’t believe it!” Taran cried. Olen saw the Star Destroyers getting even closer. A hot gale was rising. Taran’s long dark hair was flapping around her head like a dark halo.

“Are you aware your forces are getting closer? Are they coming for you to? Has your master betrayed even you?” Olen asked her. Taran looked to her side. Olen could see the concern in her eyes.

“They weren’t meant to come this far north!” She turned to face Olen. “I should kill you quickly then.” She launched another violent onslaught at Olen. Olen parried. Taran held out one hand and Olen found herself abruptly pushed back towards the caves. Taran advanced on her.

“You know my words are true. Your master is not on your side. He has manipulated into becoming this monster and he will dispense with you when you’re no longer needed.” Olen warned her. Again she saw the indecision on Taran’s face. “Come away with me! I will train you. I will help you get rid of all that hate you carry in your heart. It is eating you away.” Taran looked at her and then with a look of resolve she renewed her attacks. The Jedi was stripping away layers inside her. She could feel the old hurts, and the gaping black emptiness inside her. It was making her feel naked. It had to stop.

“There is no saving me.” she said as spun around catching Olen by surprise. Taran’s red blade plunged straight into Olen’s chest. Olen dropped to the ground with a look of surprise on her face. Taran then dropped to her knees beside the dead figure seeing the gaping hole left in her chest. For the first time since she was that small frightened child living in the ruins of her home tears ran down her face. She started to cry as the world behind her exploded. She cried for her lost childhood, her dead parents, and the evil she had done in their name. She continued crying as the turbolaser blasts got ever closer.

She had followed her orders. The Jedi was dead. But she hadn’t passed the test.

The End.

Joanne Fisher

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The Inquisitor, part two (fiction)

Part One

The Inquisitor, part two

Taran was a young child when the Clone Wars began. She grew up on the small planet Cuxhil which lay near the Outer Rim. For most of the war the planet was left untouched having little strategic value to either side. However towards the end of the war the planet was unexpectedly invaded by the Separatists for a quick grab of resources desperately needed for their battles against the Republic.

Taran’s home village was in the direct path of the invasion and was virtually wiped of the map. Taran survived by hiding in the ruins and wondering what had happened to her parents. The Republic took some time to respond to this attack as their forces had been tied up in many other conflicts. When the Jedi and Clone Troopers finally arrived the Separatist forces were defeated and driven off the planet. The Republic helped rebuild and repair what they could. Taran came out of hiding to find her parents and virtually everyone else she knew were dead. The Jedi there discovered she was Force-sensitive and arranged have her sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training, however by the time she got there the Jedi had been destroyed and The Republic had become The Empire.

The Emperor had the remaining Force sensitive children taken to another planet near the Galaxy’s Inner Core and trained in the Dark Side. Taran quickly emerged as a talented Force user.


The Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle sped towards the planet. Taran focused on the presence of the Jedi. They were in the northern hemisphere. Possibly hiding out in some natural caves amongst a mountainous area of the planet, maybe even the Rebels were there.

The shuttle landed near some rocky outcrops. The ramp slowly dropped and Taran and a squad of stormtroopers walked down it onto the planet’s surface. Not far from them were a group of hills that were mostly bare rock. Taran’s black cloak swayed in the hot breeze. She looked to the south and saw the entire horizon engulfed in fire from the turbolasers and missiles launched from the Star Destroyers. Seeing the complete devastation at ground level was frightening, even to her.

Turning to the hills she saw no evidence of a Rebel base but she could feel the presence of the Jedi. They were very close. Leaving the stormtroopers to guard the Shuttle, she walked forward into the wind focussing on the Jedi.

She walked up a hill and followed a path that seemed to wind around it. It led to a series of caves. Reaching out she could feel the Jedi was in the left one. She cautiously walked into it and soon found herself striding down a smooth tunnel. It led to a series of rooms that were obviously a living space for someone. When she came to the last one there in the middle of the floor was a women in brown robes sitting cross-legged on the floor. She seemed to be meditating. She had long brown hair that was turning grey and was probably slightly taller than Taran. She looked to be in her mid-forties.

“Olen Layfar?” Taran asked with a commanding tone. The woman opened her eyes and looked directly at her.

“I could feel you coming. As soon as you arrived in this system I knew you were here. I didn’t see the point in running.” The Jedi said. Taran looked down at her with hate.

“You will regret that!” Taran answered. Olen looked at her with a bemused expression.

“I’m surprised they sent one so young to find me.” She said sizing up Taran. “Is all that devastation out there for me?”

“For you and the Rebels.” Taran answered while starting to grip her lightsaber.

“Rebels? There are no Rebels here. They’ve never been on this planet as far as I’m aware.” Olen informed her.

“Our intelligence said there is Rebel activity on this planet.” Taran replied.

“Maybe your intelligence was giving you false information to manipulate you in commiting the atrocity you’ve done. All those people killed for what? To punish them for something that wasn’t their fault?” Taran felt nothing but hatred and contempt for her.

“More Jedi lies!” Taran answered her. Olen just shook her head sadly.

“I see there’s no point in using reason with you.” She stated.

Taran ignited her lightsaber. The red blade hummed above the seated figure of Olen.

“Either you surrender to me now or meet your destruction.” Taran told her.

“I will not surrender to you and you will have to kill me.” Olen said defiantly.

“If that is your destiny.” Taran replied.

Taran swung the lightsaber down onto the Jedi, but she dodged it with surprising athleticism and then ignited her own lightsaber while standing up. It had a bright green blade.

It would be a fight to the death, then.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher

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The Inquisitor, part one (fiction)

This is where my blog devolves to fan fiction…

The Inquisitor, part one.

The three Star Destroyers came out of hyperspace. Two of them were Victory-class while the command ship was the larger Imperial-class, the Resolve. Before the small fleet was a mostly green medium-sized planet, known as Kangen.

Taran looked out at the planet from the bridge of the Resolve. It was a beautiful looking world reminding her of her own homeworld that lay on the other side of the galaxy. She sighed thinking of the test she was about to face. This was her first assignment as an Imperial Inquisitor. The Emperor had great faith in her, but this was to test her. She didn’t want to disappoint him. She wanted to be a good and faithful servant. His teachings had filled the gaping hole in her.

“According to our sources the Jedi you are hunting was last seen on this planet.” Captain Brynlar informed her. She nodded.

“Thank you Captain.” She acknowledged. “What else do we know about this planet?”

“Well according to intercepted transmissions there seems to be a small rebel base operating from here. The base is probably giving refuge to the fugitive Jedi.” The Captain informed her. She noticed when he said “Jedi” there was a slight sound of disgust in his voice. She had been trained to notice these things.

“What else is on this planet?” She asked looking out into the black void through the bridge windows.

“There are a few cities, though this planet has only grudgingly helped the Empire. Their sympathies might be more with the Rebellion, which is probably why they’ve allowed a Rebel Base to operate there.” Taran nodded again at his words.

“And for that they will pay dearly. Tell the Captain’s of the other Star Destroyers to start orbital bombardment immediately.” She ordered.

“Even the cities?” He asked with a look of distaste.

“Yes even the cities. They have allowed both the Jedi and the Rebels to be on their planet. They are all guilty of treason.” Taran confirmed. The Captain briefly bowed his head and resumed his duties. “And ready my shuttle!”

Taran looked out at the planet again to see the two Victory-class Star Destroyers position themselves above the planet’s atmosphere. Without warning concussion missiles launched from both of them falling onto the surface below in a continuous stream. Violent explosions covered the surface of the planet. It was glorious.

Taran reached out with the Force. She could feel the waves of terror coming from the planet’s terrified inhabitants, but that wasn’t what she was searching for. She continued reaching out in her mind, searching… until she found it. There was another force user on the planet and she felt them. She knew exactly where they were. She spun round.

“I have found the Jedi. I require a squad of stormtroopers to come with me.” She told the Captain.

“Shall we cease bombardment?” He asked. She looked at him like he was a fool.

“No. Continue with it until I give the order.” She then left the bridge with her black cloak billowing behind her.

Brynlar nodded and watched her leave. He was glad she was leaving the Resolve. He hated the Jedi, but he hated the Sith and their followers even more.

Joanne Fisher

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