Flash Fiction


Batts in the Belfry (horror, vampires, humour)

Surprise Visit (horror, humour)

Dark Forest (horror)

Chores (lesbian)

The Tryst (fantasy, lesbian)

Kid Gloves

The Other Portal (fantasy)

Traversing the Desert (science fiction, Dune fan fiction)

Jess and Cindy Stumble Across the Ranch

Unknown Destination (lesbian)

This Year’s Trip

Movie Night

You Can’t Stop eating Junk Snax!

Shoes (humour)

Some Cat

Driving Me (lesbian)

Coming Back (fantasy)

Sentient (science fiction, horror)

The Sudden Storm (pirates)

The Windfarm

The Chase

The Lemon Queens (horror)

Impact (science fiction)


First Flight

A History of Rock

The Writer Has A Talk With Herself


Noir (detective fiction)

Peristeronic (humour)

Exodus (fantasy)

The Red Dress

Fringe (humour)

The Wishing Well (fantasy)

Therapy (humour)

Spam Spam Spam (humour)

Blossoming (lesbian, romantic)



The Battle (fantasy)

The Perfect Song (lesbian)

Unwelcome (lesbian)

Result (science fiction)

The Message (science fiction)

All That’s On Offer (lesbian)

Evening Plans

Good News

Buried? (dark, horror)

Deep Waters (relationships)


Under the Waves (fantasy)

The Horses (humour)

Uses of a Time Machine 3 (science fiction)

The Next Morning (humour, zombies)


Uses of a Time Machine 2 (humour, science fiction)

Following the Pixie (fantasy)

The Bridge (humour)

Love and Destruction (science fiction, horror)

Escaping the Keep (Aalen, fantasy)

100 Candles (romantic, humour)

The Haunting of Cranthorg Manor (horror, supernatural)

Stuck Inside

The Baron (fantasy, Aalen)

Finding the Baron (fantasy, Aalen)

Investigation (humour, science fiction)

Earthquake (true story)

Returning Home (Dark Fantasy)

The Blood-Trees (horror)

Uses of a Time Machine 1 (humour, science fiction)

Survival (apocalyptic, science fiction)

Visiting Jess’s Friends

Away From It All

Selling Point (humour)

Terminal (lesbian, relationships)

Chasing the Rabbit (fantasy)

Distance (science fiction, lesbian)

The Refuge (zombie, humour)

Time to Rise? (Cthulhu, humour)

Bitten (vampire)

At the Supermarket (lesbian)

The Structures (science fiction)

Starfall (science fiction)

Slayer (vampire)

The Photograph (humour)

Survivors (science fiction)

Lost in the Suburbs (humour)

Cold Pizza for Breakfast (lesbian)

My Turn (fantasy, gaming)

Taking Charge (science fiction)

The Door of Time (science fiction, fantasy)

Saving Reality (science fiction, Doctor Who fan fiction)

The Tour (science fiction, humour)

Rabbit on the Roof

Sophie Dreams (horror)


The New Mirror (vampire, horror)

Report Update on Underground Incursions (science fiction)


Hitchhiker (apocalyptic)


Finding Rainbow

The Haunting (supernatural horror)

The Female Pilot

The Warm Welcome (fantasy)

The Beginning of the End (fantasy)

The Dog in the Daisies

Aliens? (humour)

Rita’s First Day (fantasy)


Llamas? (lesbian)


Just Zip It (humour)

Unsure (lesbian)

Return to the Farm (lesbian)



Down the Drain (humour, horror)

Failure (science fiction)

Sword Fight

Time Saver (science fiction)

Gnome at Christmas

Reading Aloud

Gnome Help

In the Restaurant

The New Farm Hand (supernatural)

Milk It (humour)

The Small House (horror)

Key Lime Pie (humour)

Jack and the Beanstalks (fantasy)

Winners and Losers

The Greatest Treasure (fantasy)

Pirates! *Finalist Carrot Ranch Rodeo* (pirates, game show)

Together (lesbian)

Why Can’t You See Me? (supernatural)

The Talk (lesbian)

Starship Romance (science fiction, lesbian)

New Beginning

Boat Trip (lesbian, vampire)

Rescue Mission (science fiction)

Straying From the Path (fantasy)

The Water Walkers (horror)

Visitation (supernatural)

Evening Talk (humour)

Stuck (horror)

Twilight (vampire, humour)

The Gate Is Closed (humour, fantasy)

What’s the Problem? (humour)

Neighbours (vampire)

The Keep (fantasy)

Hyperdrive (science fiction, Star Wars fan fiction)

The Troll (fantasy, humour)

Safe (fantasy)

A Dead Dark God Grumbles (fantasy, horror)

Ultimatum (science fiction, Star Wars fan fiction)

Hiking with Jess (lesbian)

Going Out

The Truce (fantasy)

Edward Bear Has a Good Day

True Grit (humour)

Slasher (horror)

The Holiday Ends (lesbian)

The Creeper (horror)

The Safebreaker’s Daughter

Bargain! (humour)

Jess Worries (lesbian)

Cooking Your Goose (humour, supernatural)


The New World (science fiction)

The Gateway (fantasy)

I Know What I’m Doing (science fiction, humour)

A Brief Respite (fantasy)

Happy (relationships)

Thief (folk tale, humour)

No Sign (lesbian)

No Solution (relationships)

Summertime (lesbian, relationships)

Let’s Rock

Holiday (lesbian)

Faking It (humour)

Invasion (fantasy)

My New Boat

Argument (relationships, humour)

How to be a Pirate

Jill the Pirate and the Koala King

Riding to Elfland (fantasy)

The Trail

Evening (vampire)

Lost in the Forest (supernatural)

New Paint

Lost in Translation (humour)

Waiting (fantasy)

Lauren’s New Place (vampire)

Mission to Mars (science fiction, lesbian)

No Way Out (horror)

The Beach (horror)

Gates of the City (fantasy)

Idyll (lesbian)

Big Splash (fantasy)

The New Tractor (lesbian)