Jess and Cindy


Jess and Cindy are a lesbian couple that run a farm together. As their land borders a portal to Faerie, some pretty strange things can sometimes occur there.

These are all arranged chronologically. Scroll down to the bottom to start at the beginning.

A Better View (Hiking in Faerie, part seven)

Breakfast in Faerie (Hiking in Faerie, part six)

The Inn (Hiking in Faerie, part five)

What Happens in Faerie… (Hiking in Faerie, part four)

The Waterfall (Hiking in Faerie, part three)

Rabbits (Hiking in Faerie, part two)

The Suggestion (Hiking in Faerie, part one)

Jess Buys a New Tractor

The Harvest

Stuck in the Mud

The Dress

Porch Talk

Bad Pixies

Baby Ducks Ate Your Lunch!

Farm Life

Fixing the Car?

Black Horse



The Big Surprise

A Rainbow in Faerie

Park Life

Morning View

New Life

Going to the Clinic

Christmas at the Farm

Taking a Walk


Some Cat

Good News


Stuck Inside

Visiting Jess’s Friends

Finding Mr Bunny

Chasing the Rabbit

At the Supermarket

Rabbit on the Roof

Finding Rainbow

A Dog in the Daisies


Return to the Farm


The Talk

Boat Trip

The New Farm Hand


Jess Worries

Cindy Gets Home (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, conclusion)

The Other Portal (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part ten)

The Trap, part two (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part nine)

The Trap (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part eight)

Coming Back (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part seven)

The Faerie Market (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part six)

The Wishing Well (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part five)

Following the Pixie (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part four)

Straying From the Path (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part three)

The Importance of Names (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part two)

The Gateway (Cindy’s Adventures in Faerie, part one)

The Scarecrow, part two

The Scarecrow, part one

The Holiday Ends (The Holiday, part five)

Sight Seeing (The Holiday, part four)

Hiking With Jess (The Holiday, part three)

No Sign (The Holiday, part two)

Holiday (The Holiday, part one)

The New Tractor

The Old Farmstead

Rekindling An Old Flame

Jess Waits

School’s Out, Forever! (young Jess and Cindy)

Moving In With Grandma (young Jess and Cindy)

Shamed (young Jess and Cindy)

Back from Riding (young Jess and Cindy)

Out Riding (young Jess and Cindy)